Images or Animations which show a character at rest, supported by the buttocks or thighs where the torso is more or less upright.

If a character is sitting but also leaning backwards, often supporting their back against something, tag reclining instead.

Sitting on...
Sitting on Another

Sitting on another describes any pose that features one character sitting on another character, especially when no other tag can describe the position, or the other sitting_on_* tag could also refer to a character sitting on their own body parts (e.g. sitting on balls)

  • facesitting - a character sitting on another character's face (the character being sat on facing into the buttocks), usually with sexual connotations or activities involved
Sitting on Body Parts

These tags can describe a character sitting on their own body part, OR another character sitting on that body part...

Sitting on Objects/Surfaces
Sitting positions (Incomplete)

Lotus pose

A sitting position requiring the character to spread their knees, while crossing their legs, or ankles in front of them.

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Alternative names - heel sitting

A sitting position where the character rests their weight directly onto their legs.

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Alternative names - w sitting

A sitting position similar to seiza, but the legs are splayed to the sides, and the butt is resting on the surface in between or sometimes still resting on the inner surface of the calves.

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Sitting with both legs off to one side, with one side of the hips on the floor.

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Tag group

The following tags are aliased to this tag: seated, sit, sitting_down, siting (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: sitting_on_bed, seiza, wariza, sitting_on_chair, sitting_in_tree, sitting_on_ground, sitting_on_sofa, sitting_on_bench, sitting_on_table, sitting_on_rock (learn more).

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