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"Dragon" is a loose term that encompass several mythological species.

Dragon tags

Dragon Types
Western Dragons

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Western style dragons usually feature a intelligent carnivorous reptile with a penchant for causing pain and suffering to those around them, though some of them, like Toothless, Draco, Saphira and the characters from the Spyro franchise, are represented positively. They do not necessarily have wings, however it is common to see them with them, and the ones with them are usually able to fly. Winged western-style dragons without forelegs are often referred to as wyverns. However, even legs seem to be optional in some mythologies which picture dragons as giant serpents. Many myths around them are associated with human sacrifice, typically virgins.

Eastern Dragons

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Eastern Dragons typically are wingless and fly, and are generally benevolent vegetarians. They are typically associated with good luck. Eastern dragons sometimes have manes of fur, or are covered in fur or feathers.


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Wyverns are similar to western dragons but lack a second set of forelimbs. They are often depicted as less intelligent than their six-limbed counterparts. Traditionally, they may be venomous instead of fire-breathing and sport a dangerous tail.

Anthro, feral

Note that dragons, especially western ones, are notoriously difficult to pigeonhole into the anthro and feral tag categories. As a rule of thumb, dragons with longer necks tend to be feral, while the ones with short necks and human-like shoulders are anthro. Chimeras featuring dragons are also common.


A dragon can be described by a lot of criteria.
Don't hesitate to click on the wiki of each of the body part to know everything you can add.


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The following tags are aliased to this tag: anthro_dragon, fire_dragon, drake_(species), derg, dragon_on_dragon, gray_dragon, feral_dragon, dragons, dragoness, dragonoid, dragon_(species) (learn more).

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