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[WIP] Last Updated: September 2019

Note: Entries with '[!]' mean the tag is used <10 times as of the last updated date.

A collection of the various Color-related tags found on e621.

The colors used for tagging on e621 are: black, blue, brown, green, grey (also silver available for skin), orange, pink, purple, red, tan, teal, white, yellow (also gold available for skin, also blonde available for hair and eyebrows).

Note: Teal is currently aliased to green for a lot of tags, and in use as a color for a few other tags.

For objects with more than one color, a tag should be used for each color. For example, a jacket with red, blue and yellow stripes should be tagged with tags red_jacket, blue_jacket and yellow_jacket. In these cases, also either the two_tone_* or multicolored_* tag should be used (multicolored_jacket, in the example case) depending on whether there are two different distinct colors, or more.

Contents: (WIP)
1. Primary Colors
2. Art Color Tags
3. Body Colors
4. Clothing Colors
5. Color Themes
6. Multicolored Color Tags
7. Other/Miscellaneous
8. To Do

1. Primary Colors:

Primary Colors:

The following list of colors is currently defunct. See invalid color for the current list.
Use the other tags that specify which element of the image is colored instead (such as eye color, background color, hair color etc.).

2. Art Color Tags:

Art Color Tags:

3. Body Colors:

Body Colors:

Listed by order of (humanoid) appearance, starting from the head.

3a. General Body Colors:

General Body Colors:
Body Colors:
Body Marking Colors:
Countershading Colors:
Exoskeleton Colors:
Feather Colors:
Fur Colors:
Wool Colors:
Scales Colors:
Skin Colors:
Spots Colors:
Stripes Colors:

3b. Specific Body Colors:

Specific Body Colors:
Hair Colors:
Horn Colors:
Ear Colors:
Inner ear Colors:
Eye Colors:
Pupil Colors:
Sclera Colors:
Nose Colors:
Lip Colors:
Tongue Colors:
Belly Colors:
Nail Colors:
Tail Colors:
Wing Colors:
Foot Colors:
Claw Colors:
Hoof Colors:
Paw Colors:
Pawpad Colors:
Breast Colors:
Areola Colors:
Nipple Colors:
Genital Colors:
Penis Colors:
Sheath Colors:
Balls Colors:
Pussy Colors:
Clitoris Colors:
Anus Colors:
Internal surfaces Colors:
From outside or inside the body
From internal view

4. Clothing Colors:

Clothing Colors:

4a. General Clothing Colors:

General Clothing Colors:
Clothing Colors:
Armwear Colors:
Bottomwear Colors:
Footwear Colors:
Handwear Colors:
Headwear Colors:
Legwear Colors:
Swimwear Colors:
Topwear Colors:
Underwear Colors:

4b. Specific Clothing Colors:

Specific Clothing Colors:
Arm Warmer Colors:
Bandanna Colors:
Boots Colors:
Bra Colors:
Cape Colors:
Dress Colors:
Gloves Colors:
Hat Colors:
Panties Colors:
Pants Colors:
Scarf Colors:
Shirt Colors:
Shoes Colors:
Skirt Colors:
Sock Colors:
Stocking Colors:
Thong Colors:

4c. Accessory Colors:

Accessory Colors:

5. Color Themes:

Color Themes:

There are currently (2012) 2 main types of color themes being used on e621:

Monochromatic - Shades of one color or hue.
Dichromatic - Shades of two colors or hues.

Monochromatic Color Themes:
Dichromatic Color Themes:

6. Multicolored Color Tags:


Last updated: July 2016

Multicolored Color Tags:

7. Other:


See also:

Forum Discussions:

8. To Do:

To Add?

Note: Some of these are likely to be aliased to <color>_bottomwear and <color>_topwear.

  • *_ass
  • *_background
  • *_belly
  • *_armwear
  • *_balls
  • *_body
  • *_boots
  • *_border
  • *_bottomwear
  • *_bow
  • *_bowtie
  • *_bra
  • *_breast
  • *_button
  • *_cape
  • *_carpet
  • *_cheeks
  • *_chitin
  • *_claws
  • *_clothing
    • *_clothes
  • *_coat
  • *_collar
  • *_countershading
  • *_cum
  • *_curtains
  • *_dildo
  • *_dress
  • *_ears
  • *_eyebrows
  • *_eyes
  • *_feathers
  • *_fur
  • *_footwear
  • *_gloves
  • *_glow
  • *_hair
  • *_handwear
  • *_hat
  • *_headwear
  • *_highlights
  • *_hooves
  • *_horn
  • *_iris
  • *_jacket
  • *_latex
  • *_light
  • *_lipstick
  • *_mane
  • *_membrane
  • *_nails
  • *_nipples
  • *_nose
  • *_outerwear
  • *_panties
  • *_pants
  • *_paws
  • *_pawpads
  • *_penis
  • *_pubes
  • *_pupils
  • *_pussy
  • *_rose
  • *_ribbon
  • *_scarf
  • *_sclera
  • *_shell
  • *_shoes
  • *_shirt
  • *_skin
  • *_skirt
  • *_sky
  • *_slime
  • *_spots
  • *_star
  • *_stripes
  • *_strips
  • *_tail
  • *_thong
  • *_tie
  • *_tongue
  • *_topwear
  • *_underwear
  • *_wings
    • *_wing
  • *_theme

Credit to Lance Armstrong for some of these.


  • dark_skin
  • orange_(fruit)

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