Used for characters that have large amount of body fat, visible for having—but not limited to—large bellies, breasts/moobs, plump physique, and other traits.

  • Note that this doesn't count the butt, which can be huge (even in some skinny people) regardless of weight.
  • Never tag overweight characters as slightly_chubby and vice versa.

The full range of fatness can be approximated using the following tiered system. There will always be a few cases that are difficult to place in one category or the other but most should be close enough; just do your best to fit them into one or the other.

Scale of fatness


Fat distribution by gender

A small consideration, but important nonetheless.

The fat distribution can vary in subtle ways between genders and body types. While occasionally this can aid in identifying the gender of an otherwise ambiguous character, for our purposes it mostly just affects minor differences that might push a character into a different category.

Without going into details, this picture should give a pretty rough idea: http://i.imgur.com/92NarxH.jpg

Slightly chubby

A little thick here and there. Maybe a small "gut" but the majority of the body structure is fairly similar to a non-chubby person.

In human terms I'd say most would fall under 100 kg (220 lbs) depending on height.

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This tag is really hard to define, but it shouldn't go past "Santa fat".

  • Note that this doesn't count the butt, which can be huge (even in some skinny people) regardless of weight.

This tier is the hardest to judge in terms of weight because it is hugely dependent on height. 90-135 kg (200-300 lbs) would be a pretty broad estimate.

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Small rolls in the places you would expect. Fat in torso still shouldn't go past the shoulders in most cases.

In human terms, most will fall within 125-175 kg (275-385 lbs).

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Morbidly obese

"Jabba the Hut fat", "Hyper fat". Has trouble walking, or can't walk. Rolls in places you didn't even know existed.

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