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A form of oral sex where an individual uses their mouth, or tongue to stimulate the penis of another. Also called blowjob, blowing, succ, or (getting/giving) head. Other sexual acts such as handjob, or titfuck may happen during a fellatio.

General guidelines

Note that for tagging purposes, not all fellatios involve licking or sucking. Only tag as licking if there is tongue play and sucking is generally not applicable in most cases. The penis_suck tag exists for the rare exceptions and should be used sparingly.

A penetrative fellatio should only be tagged when a character is penetrated into their mouth. It is possible to penetrate from within the oral cavity, and those situations should be tagged as reverse_blowjob, or all_the_way_through depending on context. The reverse penetration tag may also apply.

  • If a character is inserting their penis into their own mouth, use autofellatio instead.
  • If it involves an abnormally long tongue wrapped around the penis, use tonguejob instead.
  • If it is done to a sex toy such as a dildo instead of an actual penis, use sex_toy_fellatio instead.
  • Tentacles cannot perform a fellatio. Use penis_in_tentacle if a penis is penetrating a tentacle, or tentacle_in_mouth if there is oral penetration involving a tentacle.

Not to be confused with

  • irrumatio - The dominant partner orally penetrates the receiver with little to no participation of the receiver.
  • neck_penetration - Penetration directly involving an exposed neck should not be considered as oral.
  • reverse_blowjob - Penis is extruding OUT of the mouth.

Related tags

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: dick_sucking, sucking_penis, blow, blowjob, sucking_cock, bj, fellation, muzzle_docking, blow_job, cock_sucking, penis_sucking, sucking_dick, felatio (learn more).

This tag implicates oral, sex, penile (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: double_fellatio, collaborative_fellatio, spitroast, toothy_fellatio, beak_fellatio, forced_fellatio, assisted_fellatio, portal_fellatio (learn more).

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