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huge tail

Use this tag when the tail is the same size or larger than the body.
Prefer big_tail if the tail is just big.
hyper_tail if the tail is outstandingly huge.

Tail Appearance:

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2020 4_fingers absurd_res alpha_channel anthro athletic bedroom_eyes belly biceps big_tail black_body black_feathers blue_body blue_skin bracelet casual_nudity claws clerian clothed clothing curvaceous curvy_figure digital_media_(artwork) dragon english_text feathers fingers front_view hand_behind_head hi_res horn huge_tail inviting jewelry kobold long_torso looking_at_viewer male markings muscular muscular_anthro muscular_male narrowed_eyes navel nude outside portrait pose purple_eyes scales scalie seductive sinnohir smile solo standing stretching text thick_tail thick_thighs topless url voluptuous water wet white_belly white_body white_skin wide_hips
2016 ? alpha_channel amber_eyes anthro autotitfuck big_breasts big_penis biped blue_hair blush bow_tie breasts bunny_costume chalo cleavage clothed clothing costume edit fishnet flower footwear gecko geecku genitals green_body green_skin gynomorph hair hi_res high_heels huge_tail humanoid_pointy_ears intersex las_lindas legwear leotard lingerie lizard long_ears long_hair looking_down masturbation non-mammal_breasts penis penis_shaped_bulge plant playboy_bunny purple_body purple_skin purple_stripes reptile scalie shirt_cuffs shoes simple_background small_waist solo standing stockings striped_body striped_skin stripes teddy_(clothing) thick_tail thick_thighs tight_clothing transparent_background webcomic wide_hips yellow_body yellow_skin
4:5 belly big_belly big_penis chimera discord_(mlp) draconequus dragon floating friendship_is_magic genitals hasbro hi_res hooves huge_penis huge_tail hyper hyper_belly hyper_genitalia hyper_penis inflation male multicolored_penis my_little_pony penis simple_background solo victor_(artist) wings
anthro belly big_belly big_breasts big_butt big_tail black_body black_scales blue_body blue_scales bodily_fluids breasts butt digitigrade featureless_breasts featureless_crotch female grey_body grey_scales hand_on_hip hand_on_stomach hi_res huge_breasts huge_butt huge_hips huge_tail huge_thighs kneeling lizard morbidly_obese morbidly_obese_anthro morbidly_obese_female multicolored_body multicolored_scales nintendo non-mammal_breasts obese obese_female open_mouth overweight overweight_female pink_body pink_scales pokémon pokémon_(species) purple_sclera reptile salazzle scales scalie sequence sharp_teeth simple_background solo standing sweat teeth thick_tail thick_thighs three-quarter_view tongue tongue_out video_games weight_gain wide_hips yosioka_san