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Species: coral snake

A large group of venomous snakes from the family Elapidae.

Coral snakes in general may feature several different color patterns. Although most will be recognized by their colorful bands of red, yellow, white, and black. Although not all species feature these distinctive markings.


  • Primarily red body touching yellow or white color bands. A black band may be in between the yellow or white bands. Most coral snakes have this pattern.
  • Horizontal stripes going lengthwise along the body in red, yellow, and black colors. This pattern is associated with Taiwan coral snakes.
  • Members of the genus Calliophis and Hemibungarus tend to have patterns that greatly differ from other coral snakes.
  • Species with a black banding bordering a red body, a trait unlike most coral snakes.
    • variable coral snake (Micrurus diastema) - The head and tail areas are yellow instead of red.
    • Species with a pattern consisting of three black bands and two inner bands in an alternating color pattern.

Not to be confused with

There is a list of snake species that resemble coral snakes, but are not related. For a more complete list, see Wikipedia entry.

  • kingsnake - King snakes, which include milk snakes may depict a red body bordering a black color banding with a yellow inner band.
  • scarlet_snake - Scarlet snakes have a red body bordering a black color banding with a white inner band.


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