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Musclegut, also known as musclechub, refers to characters with chubby or fat stomachs who also have defined and sizeable musculature. In practice, it works as muscular + slightly_chubby or muscular + overweight.

This tag and body type is most commonly associated with male characters. Musclegut characters tend to be somewhat of a mixture between a strongman and a sumo wrestler.

The distinction between pecs and moobs is often blurry with this body type, but if a character has visible abs then they are not a musclegut.

Muscular Scale

Not Muscular|Muscular

Overweight scale

Not Overweight |Overweight ➡

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: muscle_gut, musclegut_male, musculargut, muscle_git, muscgut, muscgle_gut, muscelgut, muscleguts, musclegutbelly, musclelgut, muscule_gut, musckegut, muscle-fat, muscl_gut, muscleglut, muscllegut, musclechub, muscle_gur, musclechut, musclegit, muscular_chubby, muscle-chub, muscles_gut, muscular_gut, musclgeut, dad_bod, strongfat, musclegu, muscle)gut, musclgegut, musclegur, musclecgut, musclegt, muscle-gut, muscle_chub, musclegutt (learn more).

This tag implicates muscular (learn more).

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