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Artist: shittyeen

I'm ShittYeen and I'm here to draw some nasty animals doing dirty stuff, enjoy, or not !
Content Warning (if not yet, coming soon) : Scat, Fart, Watersport, Fat, Musk, Hyper, Bullying, Humiliation, Diaper, Feral, Gore, maybe more !


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1:1 african_wild_dog animal_genitalia asphyxiation blush bodily_fluids bully canid canine choking domination duo excited feces female female/female genital_fluids genitals hi_res humiliation hyaenid mammal peeing pooping pseudo-penis scat shittyeen spotted_hyena tears toony urine watersports ws
african_wild_dog anthro canid canine canis english_text female fortune fur genitals hi_res mammal pawpads paws purple_body purple_fur shittyeen skittles spots text tongue what
anatomy animal_genitalia anthro feces female fluffy genitals hi_res hyaenid mammal messy musk nipples pooping pseudo-penis scat shittyeen smelly solo spots spotted_body spotted_hyena toony