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The anus is a ring of muscular flesh at the end of the digestive system that controls the passage of solid waste. The anus is typically located between buttocks or underneath/at the base of the tail.

Notes on tagging

  • This tag should be applied to any image in which a character's anus is visible.
  • In all cases, images tagged "anus" should be rated Explicit.
Anus Sizes

"Anus" alone is an appropriate tag for an anus of unremarkable/average size

Anus shape/form
  • detailed_anus — Anuses rendered (semi-)realistically, with complex lighting, shading, and line art (see examples 1 & 2 above)
  • puffy_anus — a protruding, "doughnut shaped" anus
  • x_anus — Anuses simply drawn as an "X"
  • y_anus — Anuses that mostly resemble a "Y" shape

Tags about the anus

  • dark_anus: For anuses that are notably darker than the surrounding flesh/fur, can be used alone or with other tags describing colour
  • light_anus: For anuses that are notably lighter than the surrounding flesh/fur, can be used alone or with other tags describing colour
Common anus colours
Unusual anus colours
Anus appearance and visibility
Actions the anus does "by itself"
Sexual acts and fetishes

See Also

The following tags are aliased to this tag: exposed_anus, non-mammal_anus, butthole, tail_hole, canine_anus, asshole, ass_hole, anuses, drool_worthy_anus, butt_hole, tailhole, animal_anus (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: barely_visible_anus, gaping_anus, puffy_anus, big_anus, presenting_anus, multi_anus, spread_anus, blue_anus, black_anus, green_anus, orange_anus, pink_anus, purple_anus, red_anus, white_anus, yellow_anus, tan_anus, anatomically_correct_anus, huge_anus, x_anus, arthropod_abdomen_anus, anal_wink, glowing_anus, mottled_anus, monotone_anus, glistening_anus, anus_expansion, lipstick_on_anus, anus_on_glass, y_anus, teal_anus, countershade_anus, sweaty_anus, equine_anus, detailed_anus, unusual_anus_placement (learn more).

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