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Marylin, a.k.a., The Black Swan is a character created by the artist Hladilnik.

Marylin, not spelled Marilyn, is an American Opossum with sharp teeth, long, messy black hair, and big eyes. She tends to wear long dresses and thick, round glasses. She grew up a quiet and shy church mouse and a middle child in a highly conservative Republican Family.

She also happens to be a rather talented Ballerina.
Marilyn is a lesbian, or at the very least a gynephile. Because, Marylin's sexuality is at odds with her upbringing, Marylin developed a complex where she secretly desires to be sexually dominated and treated like a slut by a big, strong, sexy, smelly women to the point that she becomes aroused by simply being intimately close to women who are bigger than her as well as being easily seduced or coerced by women.

Marylin eventually entered a romantic relationship with another, rabbit character named Pro Bun(Seen above to the Right). Despite that, her horniness was still immense and so hard to contain, that Lucy, the Arch-Demon Lady took interest in her. Marylin formed a Faustian Contract with her in which Lucy freed her from her emotional insecurity as a byproduct of sexuality and upbringing and increased her sex appeal by increasing the size of her tongue. The price of this contract is the fact that it induced a complete lack of inhibition and caused her to go through a weird phase which could best be described as "Marylin the Pussy Gremlin" in which she became extremely violent and hedonistic and prone to make very bad life decisions including becoming estranged from her girlfriend Pro Bun. But, they eventually got back together at least.

Hladilnik now considers Marylin to be their main fursona.

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