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Corruption of Champions (often abbreviated to CoC) is a text-based Flash RPG game created and maintained by Fenoxo in which the user assumes the role of a Champion recently extradited from a village suffering from constant demon attacks. The village sends the player to another dimension in which the player is supposed to either learn to conquer evil or embrace its power.

The game itself is filled with creatures that the player encounters via an exploration menu. Almost all encounters are scripted with a highly sexualized component and victory or defeat in battle can lead to various options or possibilities, including transformation towards one of many possible creatures (minotaur, centaur, kangaroo, bunny, bee, demon, dragon, etc.).

The game itself tracks your characters acquired traits, perks, and appearance which can be viewed in a short form description of the character. Various avenues of exploration and recruitable characters may become unavailable or downright hostile based on a myriad of possible combinations (character's corruption score, character's libido, character's appearance, character's gender or lack thereof, etc.).

The game is largely written by Fenoxo and users who submit their scripts. The newest version is available for play via a browser or can be downloaded as a flash file (.swf) for local play. A new Android version is also available for Android devices (requires Adobe AIR installation).

There is a Fenoxo-endorsed sequel to the game, Corruption of Champions II

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