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big tail

A character featuring a tail that is relatively large compared to the size of the body of the character. Tails in this category are still generally considered to have realistic proportions, and much of the size is attributed to tail fluff.

Tails that tend to be short and thick such as scut tails should be sized according to what is proportionately consistent for that type of tail. The standard for what is considered big, or huge is different for tails that are usually short and thick than tails that are usually long and skinny.

Tail sizes

  • small_tail - when the size of the tail is diminished, only taking up a small proportion of a character's back.
  • big_tail - when the size of the tail is relatively large compared to the size of the body of the character.
  • huge_tail - when the size of the tail is equal to or is larger than the body.
  • hyper_tail - when the size of the tail is outstandingly huge, often with proportions that are many times bigger than the character's body.

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