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Fluffies are a type of legwear that go over the main footwear of the wearer and are usually made of faux fur. They are commonly associated with raves.

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2024 accessory alternative_fashion animal_print anthro biped black_bow black_choker black_claws black_jewelry black_necklace blonde_hair blush bow_ribbon canid canine centered_hair_bow choker claws clothing crouching digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) dress eskyann eyelashes eyes_closed feet female fennec_fox fluffies fluffy fluffy_tail footwear fox fur gesture gold_(metal) gold_jewelry gold_necklace green_clothing green_fluffies green_legwear gyaru hair hair_accessory hair_bow hair_ribbon hand_gesture hi_res j-fashion jewelry legwear leopard_print leopard_spots mammal necklace open_mouth open_smile paws pendant ponytail print_clothing print_dress ribbons sandals shadow shoes smile solo spots tail tan_body tan_clothing tan_footwear tan_fur tan_sandals tan_shoes tan_sweater tan_topwear teeth tongue topwear true_fox tsuyome v_sign wavy_hair y2k_(fashion)
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