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Lolita is a Japanese street fashion style inspired by the fashion of the Victorian and Rococo periods. The style emerged in the 1980s and is still going strong, having evolved greatly and becoming arguably the most well-known J-Fashion style. It primarily utilizes bell-shaped skirts and dresses (using a petticoat for the "poofy" look), usually adorned with lace and ribbons. In the real world, Lolita has a strict modesty guideline, but in artwork, that tends to be disregarded. Lolita is a highly diverse style with many different substyles. The main three substyles are Gothic, Classic, and Sweet.

Lolita fashion is seen as a reactionary movement to Japanese gender norms and cultural standards, choosing to wear "childish" clothing and exaggerate femininity to an extreme degree. While not all who wear the fashion do so as a statement, many do, and it is an important part of the culture associated with the style.

Outfits in Lolita are commonly referred to as "coords". Not all coords will fit into a single, or any, substyles - substyles are aethetics and themes that are common enough to have been named by the Lolita community and do not cover all the possible ways one can wear Lolita.

The masculine counterpart of Lolita is Ouji, which it is often paired with in matching coords.

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