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When an anus is notably visually complex and/or realistic in appearance — which stands out against more common, simplified depictions of the anus.

This may involve intricate line_art with varied weight and thickness, hatching, lighting and/or shading used to detail the wrinkles of the anal sphincter and give them depth and texture. This can also involve detailed rendering of the anus and rectum, when involving a gaping_anus or spread_anus.

Note: "Detailed anus" does not necessarily mean that the image or character as a whole must be realistically styled or rendered with realistic shading, and not all realistically painted images with a character's anus shown will feature a detailed looking anus.

Detailed anuses may simply be part of an artist's style, and/or be done to draw specific attention to the anus. Most posts featuring a detailed anus show a character from a rear_view, often with a butt_focus or closer cropped butt_shot, in some cases, it may be a close-up of the character's rear, or anus in particular. Alternatively, the character may have their legs_up_in_the_air while lying on_back, or contorted in some other way that their anus is visible without having their back towards the viewer.

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