Short for hyper-endowed, as in, the character's anatomy (sexual and/or non-sexual) and amount of expelled substance (genital fluids and/or body waste) are unrealistically large, more than can be waved away with artistic license.

This tag is a metatag for hyper-sized characteristics. Avoid using this tag by itself whenever possible.

If the character looks like they are unable to move, tag immobile, not immobilization.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: hypertrophilia, hyper-endowed, hyper_endowed (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: hyper_breasts, hyper_cum, hyper_muscles, hyper_anus, hyper_butt, hyper_pregnancy, hyper_belly, hyper_nipples, hyper_feces, hyper_bulge, hyper_fart, hyper_feet, hyper_tongue, hyper_thighs, hyper_lips, hyper_genitalia, hyper_teats, hyper_tail, hyper_abdominal_bulge, hyper_toes, hyper_beak (learn more).

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2024 anthro belly big_breasts big_butt blue_eyes breasts butt cleavage clothed clothing curvy_figure digital_media_(artwork) english_text female fool's_hat green_body green_scales hat headgear headwear hi_res hosemistress huge_breasts huge_butt huge_thighs hyper hyper_butt hyper_thighs jaeh jester reptile scales scalie side_boob slightly_chubby slightly_chubby_anthro slightly_chubby_female snake solo tail text thick_tail thick_thighs tongue tongue_out voluptuous wide_hips
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