breasts and teats

When a single character has both breasts and teats at the same time.

If the character has a continuous row of breasts/nipples from their upper chest down to their crotch area, use multi_breast or multi_nipple instead unless the breasts and teats are noticeably different (e.g. human-like breasts on the upper chest and and cow-like teats near the crotch area)

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2024 areola artist_name bell bell_collar big_breasts big_udders blue_body blue_fur bodily_fluids bovid bovine breasts breasts_and_teats cattle collar ear_piercing female fur hair hand_on_breast hi_res horn lactating mammal milk nipples patreon piercing reward sunshiu tail teats thick_thighs udders white_body white_fur white_hair
6_nipples anatomically_correct anatomically_correct_genitalia anatomically_correct_pussy animal_genitalia animal_pussy anthro arctic_wolf blue_eyes breasts breasts_and_teats canid canine canine_genitalia canine_pussy canis cheek_tuft facial_tuft female fluffy fluffy_tail genitals grey_and_white_fur hi_res lynx_scenting mammal model_sheet multi_nipple neck_tuft nipples pink_nipples pink_pussy pussy solo spiral_pattern star swirl_pattern tail tuft wolf
anthro belly big_breasts bodily_fluids boner_in_underwear boxer_briefs bra breasts breasts_and_teats bulge canid canine canis clothed clothing domestic_dog ear_piercing erection erection_under_clothing facial_piercing genital_fluids gynomorph heart_symbol hi_res intersex intersex_peeing lynx_scenting mammal multi_nipple nipples nose_piercing nose_ring omorashi overweight overweight_anthro pee_puddle peeing piercing ring_piercing slightly_chubby slightly_chubby_gynomorph slightly_chubby_intersex solo stretch_marks underwear underwear_only urine watersports wet wet_clothing wet_underwear wetting
animal_genitalia anthro big_breasts breasts breasts_and_teats butt digital_media_(artwork) equid equine equine_genitalia female fur genitals green_eyes hair heather_hart hi_res horse mammal maritola mirror nipple_piercing nipples nude piercing pussy reflection solo tail teats udders