Species: humanoid

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Non-human creatures that resemble humans, with minimal or no animalistic features. This includes, but is not limited to:

Humanoids are usually bipedal, but humanlike ghosts, goo creatures, elementals, genies, and other similar creatures that sometimes lack legs also belong in this category.

Most humanoids lack a tail. Animal humanoids and demons tend to be an exception.

Other common humanoid features include humanlike facial structure and furless (or scaleless/featherless) upper torso.

Humanoids are considered not furry, with the exception of animal humanoids.

Note that for tagging purposes, a character cannot be both anthro and humanoid.

*With the exception of transformation sequences where a character transforms from anthro to humanoid, or vice versa.

Not to be confused with

  • anthro - Anthropomorphic animals or "furries".
  • biped - Humanoids are usually biped, but not all bipeds are humanoids.
  • human - The species this term is coined from.

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