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hyper muscles

The hyper muscles tag is reserved for characters whose muscles are bulky beyond physical possibility. These characters are so utterly and unbelievably ripped that you're not sure they could scratch their nose for the mass of their muscles limiting joint mobility.

Not to be confused with huge_muscles, which is for characters who are very muscular, but still within the realm of possibility. Not even modern day bodybuilders could hope to be swole enough for the hyper muscles tag.

Muscular Scale

Not Muscular|Muscular

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: hyper_muscle, hyper_muscules, hyper_muscular (learn more).

This tag implicates hyper, huge_muscles (learn more).

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anthro antlers big_muscles big_penis blush bobert bottomwear cervid clothing erection genitals hi_res hildir horn huge_muscles huge_penis hyper hyper_genitalia hyper_muscles hyper_penis male mammal multicolored_body muscular nipples pants penis shirt solo topwear torn_clothing vein veiny_penis
5_fingers 5_toes anthro balls beard big_balls big_muscles big_penis blue_eyes bobert bovid bracelet caprine caprine_demon chest_tuft demon erection facial_hair fingers flexing genitals goat_demon grin hair hairy horn huge_balls huge_muscles huge_penis hyper hyper_balls hyper_genitalia hyper_muscles hyper_pecs hyper_penis jewelry kneeling looking_at_viewer male mammal muscular nipples nude penis pink_body pink_hair pink_skin simple_background smile solo toes tuft white_background
anthro belly big_belly big_butt big_muscles blue_hair bobert bottomwear butt cetacean chef_hat clothing cookware delphinoid frying_pan hair hat headgear headwear holding_object huge_butt huge_muscles hyper hyper_belly hyper_butt hyper_muscles kitchen_utensils looking_at_viewer lowered_pants male mammal marine multicolored_body multicolored_skin musclegut muscular oceanic_dolphin orca overweight pants rear_view simple_background smile solo tangaroa_raver_rawiri thick_thighs tools toothed_whale visible_ass white_background