Rimming — also known as anilingus or "giving a rimjob" — is a form of oral-anal sex where the anus is stimulated by the mouth, particularly involving the tongue.

Tagging Notes
  • If a character is being anally stimulated by their own mouth, use autorimming instead.
  • Unless there's a strong implication of rimming occurring, if the character is merely being sat on and the rimming is entirely obscured, with no reactions, sound effects or symbols to indicate rimming, use facesitting or stinkface instead.
  • Posts featuring rimming should not be tagged with tongue penetration unless the tongue is shown penetrating the anus.

Rimming Related Tags/Subcategories of Rimming

  • anus lick - shallow rimming, where the character performing the rimjob is only licking at their partner's anus, without penetrating with their tongue
  • tongue in ass - when the character's tongue is clearly shown to have penetrated the anus, may also be depicted with an xray view or internal anal view.
  • deep rimming - penetrative rimming, especially when the character's tongue is going deep into the rectum, which may be shown through internal anal
  • snout fucking - extreme deep rimming, when a character's snout is penetrating the anus

"Who's Rimming Who?" Tags

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: ass_eating, eating_ass, anilingus, tongue_in_anus, tongue_in_ass, licking_anus, rimjob, ass_licking, butt_eating, analingus, rim_job, rim (learn more).

This tag implicates oral, anal, sex (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: deep_rimming, collaborative_rimming, rusty_trombone, forced_rimming, reverse_forced_rimming (learn more).

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