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Kabula (he/him), formerly known as StrawHat, is an American artist. He mostly draws safe digital art with some questionable works. Fellow artist Chokovit has been his girlfriend for years, and they used to share her Tumblr blog: then called ghost-planet. He also operated a Pokémon-themed Tumblr blog called Question Braixen.

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2024 3_fingers 3_toes 4_fingers absurd_res anthro biped black_eyebrows black_eyes black_legs black_mouth black_text black_top_hat blonde_hair bodily_fluids border braixen braixen_(kabula) canid canine censor_bar cheek_tuft clothing colored countershade_face countershade_fur countershading derp_eyes digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) digitigrade dipstick_tail drooling eating emanata english_text exclamation_point eyebrows eyelashes facial_tuft feet female female_anthro fingers fluffy fluffy_tail food front_view full-length_portrait fur fur_tuft generation_6_pokemon glistening glistening_inner_ear_fluff hair half-length_portrait hat headgear headwear hi_res holding_mask inner_ear_fluff just_right kabula_(artist) looking_at_viewer lying mammal markings mask meat meme multiple_images nintendo on_front open_mouth pawpads paws pink_background pink_pawpads pink_tongue pokemon pokemon_(species) portrait question_mark red_eyes red_inner_ear_fluff red_mouth red_nose running saliva shaded simple_background smile soles solo standing stick stick_in_tail tail tail_markings teeth text three-quarter_view toes tongue tongue_out toony top_hat tuft uvula white_arms white_body white_border white_countershading white_text white_tuft yellow_body yellow_fur
absurd_res anthro big_breasts big_tail black_clothing black_dress bracelet breasts brown_body brown_fur brown_hair buckteeth cleavage clothed clothing dress female fluffy fluffy_tail front_view fur gesture hair hi_res jewelry kabula_(artist) looking_at_viewer mammal night outside purse rodent sciurid sky smile solo standing star tail teeth tree_squirrel waving
2021 4_fingers absurd_res accessory anthro biped black_text blue_body blue_clothing blue_dress blue_eyebrows blue_eyes blue_footwear blue_goo blue_hair blue_mouth blue_socks blue_tail blue_tongue bottomwear breasts chokovit_(artist) clothed clothed_anthro clothed_female clothing colored digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dress electronics eyebrow_through_hair eyebrows female fingers footwear front_view full-length_portrait furgonomics glistening glistening_body glistening_goo glistening_hair glistening_tail goo_creature goo_hair hair hi_res holographic_screen kabula_(artist) knee_highs knee_socks legwear mammal open_mouth portrait pseudo_hair science_fiction simple_background socks solo species_request tablet tail tail_accessory tailband text three-quarter_view toeless_footwear toeless_socks tongue topwear translucent translucent_hair white_background wumie_leble yellow_hair_tie yellow_tailband
2020 3_toes 4_fingers ambient_mouse ambient_squirrel anthro barefoot biped black_bottomwear black_clothing black_eyebrows black_eyes black_eyewear black_glasses black_nose black_shorts black_text black_whiskers blue_lens bottomwear character_name charlie_winters cheek_tuft chokovit_(artist) clothed clothed_anthro clothed_female clothing collaboration colored comic_book dialogue_in_description digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dress_shirt english_description english_text eyebrows eyewear facial_tuft feet female female_anthro fingers front_view fur fur_tuft glasses gloves_(marking) green_bottomwear green_clothing green_skirt green_suspenders grey_body grey_ears grey_fur grey_hair grey_tuft hair hi_res holding_comic_book kabula_(artist) leg_markings mammal markings minute_mouse mouse mouth_closed murid murine necktie nerd number orange_text pattern_necktie pink_feet pink_hands pink_inner_ear pink_tail pleated_skirt rat rat_tail reading_comic rodent round_glasses school_uniform sciurid second_squirrel shirt shorts simple_background simple_eyes sitting skirt socks_(marking) solo striped_necktie suspenders tail text toes topwear tree_squirrel tuft uniform wavy_mouth whiskers white_background white_clothing white_dress_shirt white_shirt white_topwear yellow_necktie