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Stoneheart is an erotic dark fantasy rape and revenge comic series created by LordoftheTroglodytes and AceV starting from 2020 to ongoing. These stories contains intense violence, sexual assault, disturbing and abusive content.


In the fennec fox kingdom to the east, called the Kingdom of Shajarat, peace is not only a way of life; it is the very foundation their kingdom rests upon.
It is a small, secluded land protected by sharp, sandstone mountains and cliffs, whose inhabitants enjoy a life free from pressures from the outside world and the ongoing wars around them. They take pride in their neutrality, and in their peaceful ways. Knowing full well that if they were to be attacked, nothing on this earth could possibly stand a chance against their well fortified capital, whose mighty walls has stood against raids and sieges for two thousand years.

The kindhearted, yet naive, Shajaran princess Esther is a direct descendant of their mythical First King, and is destined to be the new Queen of Shajarat once she comes of age.
At least, that was until a great threat swept in from the west; a monster more than a man, whose name is uttered in fear by those who’ve heard it before. Whose cruelty and fury leaves nothing but destruction and anguish in his wake.
A threat so great that possibly, not even the fennecs’ ancient fortress could stand against it. And as their First King decreed upon his deathbed: if the walls were to fall, so will the Last King.
But not only does the kingdom itself lay at stake in the face of this prophecy; as does the life, freedom, and heart of their princess...

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