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SCP-469, AKA, The Many-Winged Angel. Is an anomalous entity in the SCP Foundation Mythos.

SCP-469 is a perpetually sleeping anthropomorphic avian entity. Their body is wrapped with many large feathered wings. SCP-469 feeds on sound, growing larger and newer wings when exposed to loud noises. Despite having the potential to feed on any sounds, SCP-469's preferred prey comes in the form of rhythmic or musical sounds, especially the sound of bells. Despite their soft and downy appearance, the wings are capable of increasing their rigidness and density, making them impervious to most conventional weapons. In addition, when an animal touches SCP-469's feathers of tries to enter the inner folds of the mound, the feathers will pierce the subject, injecting them with a powerful venom that activates all pain receptors and causes them to scream loudly and uncontrollably before additional feathers wrap around and drag the victim closer.

SCP-469 will awaken if it hears the sound of a bell, at which point it will unwrap its wings and attempt to fly away. Because of the size and strength of the wings, this will inevitably result in powerful shockwaves that damage its surrounding. It will attempt to fly into space, but during which the feather will fall off and the angel will be unlikely to make the trip before crashing down, causing more collateral damage.

SCP-469 is classified as Keter.

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