all fours

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A position in which both sets of limbs are resting against the ground. Basically, the way a non-humanoid or feral animals usually stands.
More specifically, this pose is a combination of kneeling while bent over, and putting some of the character's body weight onto the arms. Although, those tags are not usually used alongside the all_fours tag. In principle, at least three limbs should be on the ground, or at least one forelimb and the opposite side back limb (especially applicable in cases of walking on all fours). If only the back/lower limbs are on the ground, use of kneeling is heavily suggested instead.

A character on all fours has their abdomen and chest facing the ground or surface beneath them. The crab walk is the opposite position where the character's back faces the ground but is raised off it by their hands (or elbows) and feet. The bridge pose is a variation with shoulders down, arms down, raised back, and raised knees.

If sex is taking place in this position, it's usually doggystyle.

This tag should not be used on feral creatures that normally walk on all fours.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: on_fours, all-fours, on_all_fours, all_four, hands_and_knees, allfours, on_hands_and_knees (learn more).

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