Artist: milkshoba

A cat who found a graphics tablet in good condition in a garbage container.

decided to put it to good use.

Welcome to my profile. ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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anthro barely_visible_genitalia big_breasts big_butt box breasts butt butt_grab canid canine canis clothing container digital_media_(artwork) disney ears_up female fox fur fur_markings genitals glistening glistening_body hand_on_butt headgear hi_res looking_at_viewer maid_marian mammal markings mature_female milkshoba narrowed_eyes nude orange_body pink_clothing pinup pose presenting presenting_hindquarters pussy raised_leg rear_view red_fox robin_hood_(disney) simple_background smile solo tail thick_thighs true_fox wide_hips
4:5 anthro anus aroused big_butt bodily_fluids bovid brown_body butt canid canine canis caprine chikn_nuggit clitoris close-up clothed clothing cofi_(chikn_nuggit) costume duo ears_up female fur gaping genital_fluids genitals glistening gloves hair handwear heart_symbol hi_res looking_at_viewer looking_pleasured male male/female mammal milkshoba narrowed_eyes pajamas pink_hair pussy rear_view sheep simple_background spread_butt spreading tail torn_clothing vaginal_fluids wet white_body wolf wolf_costume
4:5 anthro areola big_breasts big_butt breasts bunny_costume butt clothing costume dancing ears_down eyelashes female footwear gradient_background hair handwear hi_res high_heels lagomorph leporid lipstick looking_at_viewer makeup mammal mature_female milkshoba narrowed_eyes nipples orange_body pivoted_ears platform_footwear platform_heels pole rabbit red_eyes seductive sega side_boob simple_background solo sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) stripper_pole thick_thighs vanilla_the_rabbit wide_hips
alternative_fashion animal_crossing animated anthro anthro_penetrated areola balls barely_visible_genitalia barely_visible_pussy big_balls big_breasts big_butt big_penis bodily_fluids bouncing_breasts breasts butt canid canine canis cherry_(animal_crossing) cowgirl_position domestic_dog duo ear_piercing eyes_closed female female_on_human female_penetrated from_front_position fur fur_markings genital_fluids genitals hair hi_res huge_breasts human human_penetrating human_penetrating_female male male/female male_penetrating male_penetrating_female mammal markings mature_female milkshoba nintendo nipple_piercing nipples on_bottom on_top penetration penile penile_penetration penis penis_in_pussy piercing punk pussy red_body sex short_playtime sound sound_effects tail thick_thighs vaginal vaginal_fluids vaginal_penetration villager_(animal_crossing) webm wide_hips