half moon bag

A half moon bag is a type of handbag with a loose half-circle or crescent shape, usually attached to a strap.

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2023 absurd_res anthro bag bird_dog black_bottomwear black_clothing black_dress black_eyes blue_clothing blue_crop_top blue_shirt blue_topwear bluey_(series) bottomwear breasts brown_body brown_ears brown_fur brown_nose brown_tail canid canine canis clothing cover crop_top digital_media_(artwork) domestic_dog dress english_text female fictional_magazine_cover footwear fur golden_retriever half-closed_eyes half_moon_bag hand_on_hip hand_on_own_hip handbag hi_res hunting_dog jewelry looking_at_viewer magazine_cover mammal mrs._retriever_(bluey) multicolored_body multicolored_bottomwear multicolored_clothing multicolored_crop_top multicolored_dress multicolored_fur multicolored_shirt multicolored_topwear narrowed_eyes necklace orange_bottomwear orange_clothing orange_dress pose reddoshirousagi06 retriever shirt shoes smile solo tail teeth text topwear two_tone_body two_tone_clothing two_tone_crop_top two_tone_fur two_tone_shirt two_tone_tail two_tone_topwear vogue_(magazine) white_bottomwear white_clothing white_dress white_footwear white_shoes
accessory anthro bangs bea_goldfishberg belt blue_eyeshadow blush bubble disney duo eyebrows eyelashes eyeshadow female fin fin_hair fish fish_hooks freckles frown half_moon_bag headband legless lidded_eyes makeup marine pink_body pseudo_hair purse seashell shell shellsea simple_background star striped_body stripes tail tail_fin teeth toony xoauri
2023 3:4 absurd_res accessory amy_rose anthro artist_name black_nose bracelet breasts cellphone clothed clothing dress ear_piercing electronics eulipotyphlan eyelashes female footwear fully_clothed gloves gradient_background green_eyes hair hair_accessory hairband half_moon_bag handbag handwear hedgehog hi_res high_heels holding_cellphone holding_object holding_phone jewelry legs_together mammal medium_breasts nyan-o-lantern patreon phone piercing pink_hair sega shoes short_dress short_hair simple_background smartphone smile solo sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) standing tail text thick_thighs url wide_hips
2022 4_fingers anthro beverage blep breasts brown_eyes bubble_tea canid canine claws clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) drinking_straw female female_anthro finger_claws fingers fur hair half_moon_bag handbag hi_res holding_beverage holding_object kemono looking_at_viewer mammal maned_wolf multicolored_body multicolored_fur pawpads pink_pawpads short_hair solo tongue tongue_out yellowparrottw yellowparrottw's_wolf