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Kwamis are group of magical beings from the Miraculous Ladybug French animated series. They are small divine, spirit-like beings who embody "abstract" concepts. They give certain powers to people with Miraculouses (magical pieces of jewelry/accessories), transforming them into animal-themed superpowered beings.

Generally, Kwamis are small, being around 10 centimeters (4 inches) in height, with large heads, big eyes, tails in different sizes, and tiny bodies. They have arms and legs, and though they lack fingers and toes, Kwamis are still able to grab things. The animal theme that they display is reflected in their Miraculous; for example, Plagg is black with green eyes and has cat-like ears and a cat-like tail. Fittingly, his Miraculous is the Cat Miraculous.

In "Re-creation", with Tikki and Plagg it's revealed that Kwamis have one other form under the command "Kwami Reveal Yourself", they assume their original forms becoming humanoid giants with multiple arms.

Kwami have apparently existed since the beginning of time and are immortal. They are similar to gods as their existence perpetuates the concepts they represent. A Kwami cannot fully control their power by default and to activate it may cause irreparable damage or alterations to the world or reality itself. For Example, Plagg, The Kwami embodying the concept of Destruction once used his power to wipe out the dinosaurs and while pulling his punches he used his power to almost obliterate the country of France. In order to better control their powers, The Miraculouses were created. Miraculous are magical pieces of jewelry or accessories that can store the spirit and power of a Kwami and allow the human user to better manifest and control their power. However, this does not diminish the full power of the Kwami, as in an alternate timeline a villainous Cat Noir used the power of Cataclysm to destroy the entire universe in a fit of rage.

Even though they are small, Kwamis appear to have a human level of strength. They have displayed the ability to hold and lift things that are larger and/or heavier than themselves. Despite said size, there seems to be no limit to the amount of food they can eat.

They cannot be photographed, video taped, or perceived by artificial intelligence. The Miraculous that each Kwami is bound to also places several limits onto their abilities, such as being unable to refuse the current owner of their respective Miraculous or reveal their personal information without their owner's consent. They also cannot leave their owner or travel a certain distance from their Miraculous, except on the birthday of another Kwami.

Their are currently 2 sets of Kwami, the Chinese Kwami and the Native American Kwami. The former contains 18 Miraculouses with Kwami in each of them. They are:

  • Tikki - Kwami of Creation. Takes the form of a Ladybug. Her Miraculous is a pair of earrings.
  • Plagg - The Kwami of Destruction. Takes the form of a Black Cat. His Miraculous is a ring.
  • Nooroo - The Kwami of Transmission. Takes the form of butterfly. His Miraculous is a locket brooch.
  • Wayzz - The Kwami of Protection. Takes the form of a turtle. His Miraculous is a bracelet.
  • Trixx - The Kwami of Illusion. Takes the form of a red fox. Her Miraculous is a necklace with a fox tail pendant.
  • Pollen - The Kwami of Action. Takes the form of a bumblebee. Her Miraculous is bee themed hair comb.
  • Duusu - The Kwami of Emotion. Takes the form of a peacock. Their Miraculous is a brooch.
  • Mullo - The Kwami of Multiplication. Takes the form of a mouse. Her Miraculous is a mouse themed pendant necklace.
  • Stompp - The Kwami of Determination. Takes the form of a blue ox. His Miraculous is a nose ring.
  • Roaar - The Kwami of Elation. Takes the form of a purple tiger. His Miraculous is a panjas bracelet.
  • Fluff - The Kwami of Evolution. Takes the form of a white rabbit. Her Miraculous is a pocket watch.
  • Longg - The Kwami of Perfection. Takes the form of a red dragon. His Miraculous is a choker.
  • Sass - The Kwami of Intuition. Takes the form of a green cobra. His Miraculous is the ouroboros bracelet.
  • Kaalki - The Kwami of Migration. Takes the form of a brown horse. Her Miraculous is a pair of glasses.
  • Ziggy - The Kwami of Passion. Takes the form of a goat. Her Miraculous is a pair of hair clips.
  • Xuppu - The Kwami of Derision. Takes the form of a monkey. His Miraculous is a gold circlet.
  • Orikko - The Kwami of Pretension. Takes the form of a rooster. His Miraculous is a thumb ring.
  • Daizzo - The Kwami of Jubilation. Takes the form of a domestic pig. Her Miraculous is a pearl anklet.
  • Gimmi - The Kwami of Reality. The most powerful of the Kwamis and the fusion of Tikki and Plagg. Takes the form of a large god like entity with 4 eyes, multiple pairs of arms, and wings.

The main antagonist of the series, Gabriel Agreste, better known as Hawkmoth wishes to steal the Miraculous of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and his son Adrien Agreste to summon Gimmi and alter reality.

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