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Wish is a 2023 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 62nd animated feature film released by the studio and it is meant to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Walt Disney Pictures.

The film follows Asha, a Seventeen Year-old Tour Guide living in the magical Kingdom of Rosas, ruled by it's founding Sorcerer King Magnifico and his wife Queen Amaya. Within the Kingdom of Rosas, Magnifico collects and protects the wishes of the citizens of Rosas and then uses his magic to grant one of them once a month. When Asha discovers that Magnifico does not intend to grant the vast majority of the wishes, causing the citizens to live unfulfilling lives, she in an act of desperacy, makes a Wish Upon a Star. This results in a magic sentient star to fall from the sky with the power and desire to grant any and all wishes of anyone it meets. Hijinks ensue.

Wish received mixed reviews and grossed roughly $255 million worldwide on a production budget of $175–200 million.

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