Character: nahliyet (asofyeun)

A character belonging to Asof Yeun.

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Nahliyet was born to a zebra father and hyena mother in a large, fortified town that served as the gateway between small, independent territories, often in constant disputes, and the large Kingdom of the Sun Crown, the hegemonic power and safest nation on the continent. Relative lawlessness prevailed in these contested lands, and Nahliyet’s home was a hub to the many mercenaries and other unscrupulous types looking to profit from that chaos. Nahliyet’s family ran the Laughing Zebra’s Inn, which had a reputation for safety and security, and they charged extra for the peace of mind. Nahliyet is the oldest of three siblings, one intersex male and one sister.

Nahliyet had inherited her father’s libido and her mother’s savvy, and combined with her own dominant personality, she found herself drawn to the life of a bounty hunter. Having inherited hyper traits and capabilities from her father, Nahliyet quickly discovered that her favorite method of capturing targets was seduction and vore, usually unbirth. She also found she had a talent for magic and constantly enhanced her own body with enchantments.

She was successful enough to retire at the age of 42, although her body has been so thoroughly saturated with magic (her womb especially) that she must always keep an active passenger at all times, or else, chaos happens. Nahliyet is thoroughly unbothered by the need to keep a guest inside - in fact, she enjoys it, and she is spending her early retirement traveling and finding new ways to entertain herself.

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