neck bulge

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A bulge portrayed in a character's throat. This is most often caused by the following:

Note that this tag shouldn't be used for characters that have a prominent ''Adam's apple''.

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allie_(rimentus) anthro bed belly belly_scales big_belly black_body black_fur blue_clothing blue_shirt blue_topwear canid canine canis clothing comic dialogue dragon english_text european_mythology eye_contact eyes_closed female female_pred feral fur furaffinity furaffinity_logo furniture green_body green_scales grey_body grey_fur group hand_on_chest hi_res holding_object holding_paper inside larger_feral looking_at_another looking_up mammal membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings mythological_creature mythological_scalie mythology neck_bulge orange_eyes paper patreon patreon_logo rimentus scales scalie scarf scylla_(rimentus) shirt size_difference smaller_anthro speech_bubble swallowing text topwear trio unseen_prey url vore western_dragon white_body white_fur wings wolf
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abdominal_bulge alphalinda artist_name belly belly_squish between_bellies big_belly black_and_white blush clothing collar dragon ear_piercing ear_ring electronics female female_feral female_pred feral feral_pred fully_inside group headphones hi_res human kitty_dragon larger_female larger_feral licking licking_lips linda_(alphalinda) male male_human mammal melody_(sentinelwinder) monochrome multiple_pred mythological_creature mythological_scalie mythology neck_bulge oral_vore piercing ring_piercing sandwiched scalie size_difference smaller_human smaller_male smile squish struggling struggling_prey swallowing sweater tongue tongue_out topwear trio vore