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Canon couple refers to a pair of characters from an official franchise, who are traditionally considered lovers; no fan characters and such.

A couple is canonized when the partners are explicitly stated in the original work to be or have once been in a relationship OR implications of a relationship are affirmed by the creator or an otherwise highly-involved writer, director, or producer. This may only apply to certain adaptations, as two characters may become depicted as a couple in one official work but not in another.

What is/isn't included

Examples of what this includes:

Examples of what are not included:

List of canon couples

Below is a semi-comprehensive list of canon couples, sorted by copyright alphabetically. Please add to this with discretion to what is canonical. Just because your favorite fanon ship doesn't go here doesn't mean it isn't good; it just isn't canon.

A* (Aardman Animation — Avatar)


B* (Balto — Bugsnax)


C* (Chikn Nuggit — Crash Bandicoot)
D* (A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo — DreamWorks)



E* (Echo Project — El Arca)
F* (Fairly OddParents, The — Futurama)
G* (Garfield — Guardians of Ga'Hoole)
H* (Hamtaro — Housepets!)


I* (*needs examples*)


J* (Jak and Daxter — JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
K* (*needs more examples*)
L* (Lackadaisy — The Loud House)
M* (Magnus Archives, The — My Little Pony)


N* (Night in the Woods — Nu: Carnival)
O* (Octodad — Overlord)
P* (Pit People — Princess Tutu)
Q* (*needs more examples*)
R* (Raptor Red — The Rising of the Shield Hero)
S* (Sahara — Steven Universe)


T* (Terraria — TwoKinds)
U* (UberQuest — Undertale Yellow)
V* (*needs examples*)


W* (Wakfu — Wolves of the Beyond)


X* (*needs examples*)


Y* (Yarichin Bitch Club — Yo-Kai Watch)
Z* (*needs examples*)


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