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shoulder carry

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Carrying a character over one shoulder. Dominant carrying activity, disregarding the volition of the one being carried.

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2020 anthro anthro_on_anthro blue_background border butt canid canine carrying disney duo female fox fur green_eyes grey_body grey_fur hi_res inner_ear_fluff judy_hopps lagomorph leporid long_ears male male/female mammal nick_wilde nude orange_body orange_fur purple_eyes qrog rabbit shoulder_carry simple_background tuft white_border zootopia
2012 anthro armor big_butt blonde_hair bottomless bound butt carrying chain clothed clothing damsel_in_distress digitigrade dragon duo_focus female fog group hair hattonslayden headgear helmet hi_res holding_object holding_sword holding_weapon horn human humor knight lay_the_dragon long_hair looking_back male mammal melee_weapon meme nude princess raised_tail restrained role_reversal royalty scalie shackles shoulder_carry surprise sword warrior weapon
2020 3:4 4_toes anthro ball_gag belt belt_buckle belt_pouch big_butt bottomless bound butt butt_grab canid canine canis carrying claws clothed clothing duo eye_patch eyewear fangs feet felid female gag genitals hand_on_butt hi_res hindpaw lion male male/female mammal mane pantherine pawpads paws pink_pawpads pussy rope rope_bondage sharpfury_(character) shoulder_carry soles toe_claws toes torn_clothing twinkle-sez wolf
2020 anthro beastars bottomwear butt canid canine canis carrying clothed clothing dress duo fully_clothed fur grey_body grey_fur haru_(beastars) hi_res japanese_text lagomorph legoshi_(beastars) leporid mammal mizue pants rabbit shirt shoulder_carry simple_background text topwear white_background white_body white_fur wolf