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This page attempts to list websites that most likely host content relevant to e621, along with each site's advantages, restrictions, and other features.
Feel free to correct incorrect and/or outdated information and add in other sites that are commonly used as sources here.

Unfavorable sources:

  • Amino
    • Posted non-GIF images are always heavily recompressed JPEGs.
    • Maximum resolution is 1024px in width and height.
  • ArtStation
    • Images are almost always recompressed JPEGs with a maximum width of 1920px.
    • Only GIFs are not recompressed.
  • DeviantArt
    • Most direct images on DeviantArt (primarily JPEGs and PNGs that don't use the automated DA watermark that artists can add) are no longer accessible. Original versions of JPEGs and PNGs are normally downloaded to a client device via prompts, provided the artist(s) permitted downloads of them. However, some images can be viewed and downloaded in their original resolution and quality even if the artist(s) didn't allow downloads, either because the image's original resolution was too low to be affected or the artist(s) permitted the full size to be viewed on the page anyway.
    • Must be a logged-in user of DeviantArt to download images via prompt method.
    • JPEG images shown to users on "deviation" (submission) pages are now normally downscaled, often highly recompressed previews. It is possible to increase the quality of the resample, however.
    • Old direct images now redirect to the current format. If the original submission was removed or deleted by the artist since, even if it was linked before elsewhere on the Internet, it's possible that they now may have been deleted for good.
  • Facebook
    • Posted images are always recompressed JPEGs, even the high quality images uploaded to albums.
  • Fur Affinity
    • If the image's resolution is 1280px in either dimension and contains JPEG compression regardless of stated file type, it is most likely downscaled by FA.
    • If the image is smaller (site doesn't handle it) or larger (submitter used reupload trick to bypass handling), then it is most likely the original/best version available.
    • A hardware upgrade beginning in May 2020 may result in an increase of upload sizes and resolutions.
  • Gfycat
  • Instagram
    • Images are always recompressed JPEGs with a maximum width of 1080px.
    • There are other size restrictions as detailed here.
  • Ko-fi
    • Images are downscaled to 720px width, and animation and transparency are not supported.
    • Images cannot be viewed directly.
  • Pillowfort
    • Pillowfort changes the color spaces of images to sRGB, thus affecting the quality of the original image if it is not saved in that color space. The site also adds additional metadata to images. e.g. Compare post #2349805 to the image in its Pillowfort source.[two-frame animation]
  • Twitter
    • PNG files and untouched JPEG files posted after December 10, 2019 are preferred. JPEG-compressed PNG files and JPEG files prior to this date are not preferred unless they are a much higher resolution than other sources.
    • GIF files are always converted to compressed MP4s.
  • Tumblr
    • Direct images before October 21, 2019 are resized to 1280px on the longer side. Newer direct images are not affected by this, but are still resampled.
      • It is still possible to retrieve the "_raw" version of a picture (i.e. the original image as it was uploaded). However, it can be complex and could take some time depending on certain circumstances. See the method here.
    • Images converted to JPEG, and recompressed if uploaded as JPEG.
    • As of December 17, 2018, all sexual illustrated content (photos, videos, GIFs, and artwork) are no longer allowed on Tumblr. Pre-existing adult content will be privatized. (See forum #265854.)
      • The CEO of Tumblr's current owner, Automattic (the operator of WordPress), has stated upon purchase of the site that their company will not reverse the anti-adult content policy that Verizon implemented.
  • Virink
    • Images are converted to 90 quality JPEG files. There are no PNGs or animated GIFs.
  • VK
    • Images in photo posts are converted to 96 quality JPEG files.
    • Oddly, PNG files are allowed in comments.
  • Most third party boorus, chans, image galleries, etc.
    • There are plenty of reasons to avoid using these sites for finding content, a few being: content may have been (re)compressed, leaked from a paysite (which is DNP on e621) or edited without disclosure.
    • Some do have official sources listed, in which case it's advised to take the content from there instead.
    • Exceptions are sites where the artist is known to post on or ones mirroring content from drawing threads.

Favorable sources:

  • Blogger, Derpibooru, Furbooru, Furiffic, Furry Network, Eka's Portal, HicceArs, Inkbunny, Newgrounds, Patreon, Piczel, SoFurry, Weasyl
    • These sites keep the original upload or an optimized version of the original, which is always the most preferred version to have on e621.
  • Pixiv
    • Also stores original file, however artists are required to censor sexual body parts from their artwork, which may result in an uncensored version being posted elsewhere.
    • Not preferred for animations.
  • Discord
    • As long as the artist used the desktop client, the quality should stay at the original.
    • Because of the nature of the service, please make sure to provide all necessary URLs into the source field.

Formats, file types, and restrictions

This is a table that shows what kind of support and restrictions sites have in place for content.

Click on a site's name to go to its section for further information and instructions.

SiteThemesImagesFlashVideoOther contentDirect uploads whitelisted?
e621Curated furry artwork.JPEG, PNG, 100 MB. GIF, 20 MB. 15000×15000 resolution.100 MB.adHTML5. WebM. 100 MB.aeNo.N/A.
AminoSocial communities app.GIF, JPEG (65 quality). 1024×1024 max.No.Video chat only.Text posts, quizzes, polls, wiki entries.No.
ArtStationLarge name artists' showcase.GIF, JPEG (90 quality). 1920px width max (4K for Pro members in the future).No.No??No.
BehanceProfessional artists and creators' portfolios.JPEG, GIF, PNG. 1920px width max.No, despite Adobe ownership.14 video formats. MP3 audio.No.
Blogger (Blogspot)Blog.JPEG, possibly others.??Blog posts.No.
Catbox.moeFile hosting and sharing.Any other than GIF, 200 MB. GIF, 20 MB. As an archive only?Any.Any files up to 200 MB (besides the aforementioned 20 MB limit on GIF) except Windows executables (.exe), Windows screensavers (.scr), Control Panel applets (.cpl), Microsoft Word documents (.doc*), and Java Archives (.jar).No.
DerpibooruMy Little Pony.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 25,000KB.No.WebM. 25,000KB.SVG. 25,000KBYes.
DeviantArtGeneral artwork.JPEG, PNG, GIF, possibly others. 30 MB.200 MB.cCustom HTML5. Unknown codecs. 200 MB.gMusic, text, file archives.No.
DiscordInstant messaging, VoIP.JPEG, PNG, GIF.No.HTML5. WebM, MP4.fgAnything? Other file formats supported but won't embed. 8 MB for free, 50 MB for nitro, 100 MB for level 3 nitro boost servers.Yes.
DropboxCloud storage.Any. Certain image files can be previewed. 10 GB, with unlimited sizes via client app.10 GB, with unlimited sizes via client app.Any. Certain video files can be previewed. 10 GB, with unlimited sizes via client app.It's cloud storage; virtually anything goes.Yes, but a workaround method must be done to access the direct image.
Eka's PortalVore.JPEG, PNG, GIF.Yes.?Text.No.
FacebookSocial.JPEG, PNG?, GIF?No.Yes.Text.Yes.
Fanart CentralFan art.JPEG, PNG, GIF.No.No.Text.No.
FlickrImage and video hosting.JPEG, PNG, non-animated GIF; other formats are converted to JPEG. 200 MB. Free users cannot have more than 1000 images in their own galleries.No.MP4. 1 GB.b (Input: MP4 [H.264 recommended], AVI [proprietary codecs may not work], WMV, MOV [AVID and other proprietary codecs may not work], MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 3GP, M2TS, OGG, OGV.) Free users restricted to first three minutes, Pro users restricted to first ten minutes.No.No.
Fur AffinityFurry artwork.JPEG, GIF, PNG. 10 MB. See section for resolution.10 MB.cNo.Text.Yes.
FurbooruFurry artwork.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 25,000KB.No.WebM. 25,000KB.SVG. 25,000KBNo.
FurifficFurry artwork.JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF. 25 MB.SWF, FLV. 25 MB.MP4. 25 MB.MP3 audio, text. 25 MB.Yes.
FurryLife OnlineFurry artwork.JPEG, PNG, GIF?No.No.Text, music.No.
Furry NetworkFurry artwork.JPEG, PNG. 32 MB.200 MB.cfHTML5. WebM, MP4, external embed.egAudio, text.Yes.
gfycatGeneral video sharing.Animated GIFs only.No.Custom HTML5. WebM, MP4. 15 seconds. No audio.No.Yes.
Google PhotosWildcard.?No.??No.
Hentai FoundryAdult themed artwork.JPEG, GIF and PNG recommended. GIF.No.No.Yes.
HicceArsGeneral/underage artwork.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 15 MB.No.No.Novels.Yes.
SiteThemesImagesFlashVideoOther contentDirect uploads whitelisted?
ImgurGeneral image sharing.JPEG, PNG, GIF, APNG, TIFF, PDF, and XCF. 20 MB/image, 200 MB/GIF.No.HTML5. Only GIF conversions.No.Yes.
InkbunnyFurry artwork.PNG, JPEG, GIF. 144 MP resolution. 100 MB.100 MB.ceJW Player. FLV, MP4. 100 MB.egText, MP3 audio.Yes.
InstagramGeneral photo and video sharing app.JPEG. 1080px width max.No.60 second limit per video; posts can have up to 10 minutes of video.No.No.
Ko-fiTip-based crowdfunding.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 720 width max. Animation and transparency not supported.No.Video links only.Text.No.
The Lion King Fan-Art ArchiveThe Lion King.JPEG, PNG, GIF.No.No.No.No.
MastodonDecentralized social platform.JPEG, PNG, GIF.No.MP4, WebM. 8 MB.Text.No; the decentralized nature of this platform means that whitelisting everything in here is impossible.
NewgroundsSocial user-generated content hosting service.JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP. See section for resolution.100 MB.cCustom HTML5. MP4. (Input: MP4, MOV, AVI, M4V, OGG, OGV, WMV, MKV, WebM, FLV, 3GP.) 2.4 GB.cMP3 audio (250 MB/file, 44.1 kHz), HTML5 games (600 MB).Artwork only. (
newTumblBlog.JPEG, PNG, GIF.No.MP4.Blog posts.No.
NijieJapanese general artwork.JPEG, PNG, possibly others.?MP4. (H.264, 10 MB, non-M4V container, no audio, 2 seconds to 12 minutes, max aspect ratio 1:5/5:1.)[source] ?No.
OneDriveCloud storage.Any. Certain image files less than 100 MB in size can be previewed. 10 GB.10 GB.Any. Certain video files can be previewed. 10 GB.It's cloud storage; virtually anything goes.No.
PahealExplicit fan art (Rule 34).JPEG, PNG, GIF.No.HTML5. WebM, MP4.No.Yes.
PatreonCrowdfunding.JPEG, PNG, GIF.As attachment.Attachment or external embed.Any attachments.Yes.
PiczelStreaming and general artwork.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 2 MB for free users, 200 MB for premium users.No.WebM, MP4. Livestreaming (HTML5 and Flash).Yes.
PillowfortBlog.JPEG, PNG, GIF.No.?Text.No.
PixivJapanese general artwork.JPEG, GIF, PNG. 8 MB/image, 30 MB/set.No.Ugoira, info below. 1080px height.No.Yes.
SiteThemesImagesFlashVideoOther contentDirect uploads whitelisted?
SoFurryFurry artwork.PNG, JPEG, GIF. PSD and TGA for prints.Yes.cfHTML5. WebM, MP4, ogv.fgMusic, text.Yes.
SteamPC games store, software, and community.JPEG, PNG, GIF; primarily used for game screenshots.No. (Ignoring any Flash games offered on the store.)Yes.Games, mods (Steam Workshop), text.No.
ToyhouseOriginal character gallery and roleplay.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 4 MB.No.No.Text (stories).No.
TransfurTransformation artwork.JPEG, PNG.No.No.No.No.
TrelloWeb-based productivity software.JPEG, PNG, possibly others.No??Projects.Yes.
TumblrBlog.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 20 MB.No.Custom HTML5. MP4. 100 MB/day. 30 FPS.Blog posts.Yes.
TwitterSocial.GIF, JPEG, PNG. 5 MB.No.Custom HTML5. MP4. 512 MB, 30 seconds.What fits into 280 characters (glyphs from Asian languages count as two characters).Yes.
VirinkSocial, art-focused; primarily used by Russian speakers.JPEG (90 quality)No.No.No.No.
VKSocial; primarily used by Russian speakers.JPEG (96 quality), PNG, ???No.??No.
WeasylFurry artwork.JPEG, PNG, GIF. 50 MB. 15 MB.cNo.MP3, gdoc/media embed, text, character profile.Yes.
WildDream ArtFurry artwork; primarily serving the Chinese furry fandom.JPEG, PNG.No.No?No?No.
YouTubeGeneral video sharing.Thumbnails.No.Custom HTML5. WebM, MP4, 3GP, etc. 128 GB.eNo.No.
SiteThemesImagesFlashVideoOther contentDirect uploads whitelisted?

Sites to seek out


Homepage - Wiki page
Curated booru-style image board dedicated to furry artwork (you are here)
No need to use us as a source
No need to whitelist ourselves
  • By default, a downscaled and recompressed sample is on the page. Press Download to get the best version.

More sites

Because of the large amount of sites that can be found as sources—and the sheer amount of source text that this page had in the past—the how to's for all other sites listed in the table above have been moved to new subpages.

Please head over to one of those three wiki pages to see the other sites.

Other sites and ripping multimedia content

Essentially any website can host content that is relevant to e621. Sometimes creators just post their content elsewhere or occasionally it's simply unavailable anywhere else, e.g. if the original source is on a dead site. Even if the site is not on the list, there are still several ways you can ensure you are getting the best variation.

  • Seek out a link that says Download or filename.filetype.
  • Try searching for a link or button that says full, zoom, size, original, scale or something similar, which will toggle the image on page from a preview to its full size.
  • If anything like this is nowhere to be found, simply right click and save the content embedded on the site.

With multimedia content, especially Flash, things can get a bit more difficult.

  • See if the content itself has a download button in some format.
  • Try right clicking to see if the context menu gives an option to download.
  • Either open the web page's source code (Usually hotkey CTRL+U) and search for the file type you are looking for, e.g. .webm, or open up your browser's network activity (Usually hotkey F12) and look out for media content type.
  • If these do not work, try searching for tools made specifically for the site you are trying to get content from or general download managers; see below for examples.


Homepage and download
  • Despite the name, extremely powerful tool for downloading video and music content from many websites, including YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Newgrounds.
  • Allows selecting quality and stream, meaning that e.g. getting WebM stream from YouTube is possible and there's no in-between conversions happening.
Homepage and download
  • Compatible with most download sites including MEGA, MediaFire, etc. but also works similarly to YouTube-DL with video and multimedia sites with more user friendly graphical interface.
Homepage on GitHub and Download
  • Software dedicated for downloading content from Pixiv as well as doing other Pixiv-related actions.
Idem's Sourcing Suite
Homepage on GitHub - Download - eSix forum page
  • Userscript featuring "a bundle of tools designed to make sourcing posts and images easy for e621." It includes an image comparison tool, "on-site plans" that include an automatic image hash checker, and an image replacement tool for replacing posts that have better versions at their source. Read the homepage on GitHub or the forum thread for more information.
  • The "on-site plans" feature provides direct links to all possible variants of an image on its submission page, which might make it easier for some users to directly access the best quality images. The sites supported by this feature include:
    • DeviantArt ("Download" quality images require users to be logged in to DA.)
    • Fur Affinity
    • FurryNetwork
    • Inkbunny
    • Pixiv (Requires a reload for the script to take effect, and will not work on images that have a spoiler warning.)
    • SoFurry
    • Twitter (See the tool's homepage for notes relating to issues with Twitter.)
    • Weasyl
Homepage (English)
  • Japanese-based website primarily used for graphically analyzing Twitter acounts. However, the website also has a good gallery viewer that allows for viewing multiple image and video tweets at once (up to forty images/videos at a time), rather than having to scroll through media tweets on the website proper. Clicking on the images will take you directly to their affiliated tweets in a new tab.
  • Note that unlike the media tab on Twitter, this site's gallery viewer will include images from retweets, so not all images/videos may be from the user proper.
  • whotwi will not be able to analyze or display tweets from private Twitter accounts.
  • The site is currently available in nine languages: Japanese, English, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian, French, and Spanish.
  • URL for viewing media tweets on whotwi:
https://<ISO 639-1 code for supported language><Twitter_handle>/tweets/media
Undesired third party websites
See also
  • forum #169987 - Saving images properly, a public service announcement. (Aug. 2015)
  • forum #181740 - Direct upload whitelist requests (to suggest additions to eSix's direct file upload whitelist)
  • forum #235250 - Obtaining the highest-resolution images from Tumblr (June 2017)

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