Help: Cheatsheet

This page lists every metatag available for tagging and searching, as well as additional information about syntax. For basic information about tags, what they are, and how to use them, see the tag help page.

These tags and syntaxes are used to search for posts.

Basics ^

cat dog
 Search for posts that are tagged with both cat and dog. Tags are separated by spaces.

red_panda african_wild_dog
Words within each tag are separated by underscores.

~cat ~dog
Search for posts that are tagged either cat or dog (or both). May not work well when combined with other syntaxes.

Search for posts that don't have the chicken tag.

fox -chicken
Search for posts that are tagged with fox and are not tagged with chicken.

Search for posts with any tag that starts with african_, such as african_wild_dog or african_golden_cat. May not work well when combined with other syntaxes.
Limit one wildcard per search.

User-Based Metatags ^

These metatags are used to search for posts based on user-related information.

The basic form is metatag:username (e.g., favoritedby:Bob)

You can also substitute username with me as a shortcut for the current logged in user.

Search What it does
user:Bob Posts uploaded by Bob
favoritedby:Bob Posts favorited by Bob
voted:anything Posts you voted on. Only works while logged in.
votedup:anything Posts you upvoted. Only works while logged in.
voteddown:anything Posts you downvoted. Only works while logged in.
approvedby:Bob Posts approved by Bob
deletedby:Bob Posts deleted by Bob

Post-Based Metatags ^

These metatags are used to search for posts based on post-related information.

▼ Range Syntax

Some of the following metatags support searching for a range of values:

Search What it does
id:100 Post with an ID of exactly 100
date:month..yearPosts uploaded between 30 days ago and 1 year ago
score:>=100 Posts with a score of 100 or greater (100+)
score:>100 Posts with a score greater than 100 (101+)
favcount:<=100 Posts with 100 or less favorites (0-100)
favcount:<100 Posts with less than 100 favorites (0-99)

▼ Counts
Tag counts What it does Supported syntax
id:100 Post with an ID of 100 range
score:100 Posts with a score of 100 range
favcount:100 Posts with exactly 100 favorites range
views:100 Posts with exactly 100 views range
comments:100 Posts with exactly 100 comments range
tagcount:2 Posts with exactly 2 tags range
gentags:2 Posts with exactly 2 general tags range
arttags:2 Posts with exactly 2 artist tags range
chartags:2 Posts with exactly 2 character tagsrange
copytags:2 Posts with exactly 2 copyright tagsrange
speciestags:2 Posts with exactly 2 species tags range

▼ Image Size
Image Size What it does Supported syntax
width:100 Posts with a width of 100 pixels range
height:100 Posts with a length of 100 pixels range
mpixels:1 Posts that are 1 megapixel (a 1000x1000 image equals 1 megapixel)range
ratio:1.33 Search for posts with a ratio of 4:3. All ratios are rounded to two digits, therefore 1.33 will return posts with a ratio of 4:3. range
filesize:200KB Posts with a file size of 200 kilobytes. range

▼ Dates:

Single day What it does Supported syntax
date:2012-04-27 date:april/27/2012Search for posts uploaded on a specific date. (assumes year-month-day format by default) range
date:today date:yesterday Same as above, but specific to today and yesterdayrange

Simple time period What it does Supported syntax
date:day Posts from the last day range, ago, yester
date:week Posts from the last 7 days range, ago, yester
date:month Posts from the last 30 days range, ago, yester
date:year Posts from the last 365 daysrange, ago, yester
date:decade Posts from the last decade range*

Ago syntax What it does Supported syntax
date:5_days_ago Posts from within the last 5 days range**
date:5_weeks_ago Posts from within the last 5 weeks range**, yester
date:5_months_agoPosts from within the last 5 monthsrange**, yester
date:5_years_ago Posts from within the last 5 years range**, yester

Yester syntax What it does Supported syntax
date:yesterweek Posts from last week ago
date:yestermonth Posts from last monthago
date:yesteryear Posts from last year ago
date:5_yesteryears_agoPosts during the year 2010 (if it is currently 2015)

*Only x..decade is supported (e.g., year..decade)
**If used as the first of a range, will start at the first day of that range. For example, date:month..year will range from 30 days ago to 1 year ago.

▼ Rating
Rating What it does
rating:safe rating:s Posts rated safe
rating:questionable rating:q Posts rated questionable
rating:explicit rating:e Posts rated explicit

▼ File Types
File types What it does
type:jpg Posts that are JPG, a type of image
type:png Posts that are PNG, a type of image
type:gif Posts that are GIF, a type of image (may be animated)
type:swf Posts that are Flash, a format used for animation
type:webm Posts that are WebM, a type of video

▼ Text Searching
Text searching What it does Posts with a source that contains ""
description:whatever Posts with a description that contains the text "whatever"
notes:whatever Posts with a note that contains the text "whatever"
delreason:whatever Deleted posts that contain a reason with the text "whatever"

▼ Parents and Children
Parents and Children What it does
ischild:true ischild:false Posts that are or aren't a child
isparent:true isparent:false Posts that are or aren't a parent
parent:1234 Posts with a parent of 1234
parent:none Posts with no parent (same as ischild:false)

▼ Post Status
Post status What it does
status:pending Posts that are waiting to be approved or deleted
status:active Posts that have been approved
status:deleted Posts that have been deleted
status:flagged Posts that are flagged for deletion
status:any All active or deleted posts

▼ Other
Other What it does
hassource:true hassource:false Posts with or without a source
hasdescription:truehasdescription:false Posts with or without a description
ratinglocked:true ratinglocked:false Posts with rating (un)locked
notelocked::true notelocked:false Posts with notes (un)locked
hideanon:true hideanon:false Posts that are (or aren't) only visible to logged-in users
hidegoogle:true hidegoogle:false Posts that are (or aren't) hidden from Google crawling.
inpool:true inpool:false Posts that are or aren't in a pool
pool:4 pool:fox_and_the_grapesPosts in the pool "Fox and the Grapes"
set:17 set:cute_rabbits Posts in the set with the short name "cute_rabbits"
md5:a34e2... Post with the given MD5 hash. MD5 hashes will never be shared by more than one image.

Sorting ^

By default, posts are ordered from highest ID to lowest ID (newest posts first). This is the same as order:-id.

Search What it does Search What it does
order:id Oldest to newest order:random Orders posts randomly
order:score Highest score first order:score_asc Lowest score first
order:views Most views first order:views_asc Least views first
order:favcount Most favorites first order:favcount_asc Least favorites first
order:tagcount Most tags first order:tagcount_asc Least tags first
order:desclength Longest description firstorder:desclength_asc Shortest description first
order:comments Most comments first order:comments_asc Least comments first
order:mpixels Largest resolution first order:mpixels_asc Smallest resolution first
order:filesize Largest file size first order:filesize_asc Smallest file size first
order:landscape Wide and short to tall and thin order:portrait Tall and thin to wide and short
order:set set:1234* Recently added first order:set_asc set:1234Recently added last

*Does nothing, default behavior