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Species: fox

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A fox is a small canid with a distinctive sharp face and bushy tail. True foxes (genus Vulpes) come in multiple species including the red fox (Vulpes vulpes, the most widespread and varied), the white- or grey-furred arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus), the large-eared fennec fox (Vulpes zerda), and several others. Males are known as tods or dogs, and females are known as vixens.

Note: This tag should only be applied to members of the Vulpes genus.


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The following tags are aliased to this tag: vulpine, vixen, foxes, vulpes, black_fox, winged_fox, broken_fox, anthro_fox, blue_fox, fox_(species), spieces:fox, albino_fox, angel_fox, four_tailed_kitsune, fennec_kitsune, kitsune_(fox), sand_fox, brown_fox, kistune, , fox/vixen, yellow_fox, fox's, alcofox, feral_fox, foxkit, kitsune, four-tailed_kitsune, vulpines (learn more).

This tag implicates canine (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: fox_taur, fennec, arctic_fox, red_fox, corsac_fox, cape_fox, bengal_fox, blanford's_fox, indian_fox, kit_fox, pale_fox, swift_fox, tibetan_sand_fox, rüppell's_fox (learn more).

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