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not furry

Posts that cannot be considered even remotely furry get this tag.

Do not use if the post contains a mix of furry and non-furry characters.

Note that furry refers to the fandom, not to actual fur. For example, furless animals such as birds and reptiles still count as 'furry'. The term is used in a loose sense, and includes frequently debated things such as kemonomimi and My Little Pony.

The following lists contain some examples of what is and isn't furry, but the lists are not all-inclusive.

Not to be confused with:

  • not_furry_focus, which is used when the main focus is not furry but there are still furries present

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2019 amber_eyes arknights belt blonde_hair blush breasts female hair hi_res holding_object holding_staff horn horned_humanoid humanoid humanoid_pointy_ears jewelry long_hair looking_aside not_furry open_mouth outside shining_(arknights) solo spread_legs spreading staff tree water wsman