howto:wiki editing

Basic style guidelines for editing the wiki.


The wiki article should start with at least one thumbnail which clearly demonstrates the usage.
The usage should be evident from the thumb, without opening the post. The thumb should be chosen from among the Safe-rated posts whenever possible, if the tag itself does not require higher rating.

When adding multiple thumbnails, it is important to keep blacklisting in mind.
Try to vary your images as much as possible across different copyright, gender, and body structures to show as much variety as possible. Three to four thumbs is usually enough, adding more than six is rarely if ever necessary outside of broad tagging guides.

Main text

The wiki is a tagging aid, and the text content should be focused on tagging-related information. Trivia and lore unrelated to tagging should be kept to minimum. Linking to other sites is allowed, but do not copy-paste large chunks of text from sources such as Wikipedia or Bulbapedia, and make sure you attribute sources whenever possible.

When writing the article, try to describe how and when to use the tag. Keep it as simple as you can, and avoid using complex words: the wiki should be readable (or at least translatable) by users who are not fluent in English. 'h5'-header should be used for the headers in the main text, though if headers are necessary, the entry may be in need of trimming. The longer the article gets, the less likely it is that it will be read.

Tag-linking to other wiki pages is encouraged. To make the text flow better, do not use underscores in these links; spaces will automatically be converted by the site backend to underscores when the link is clicked. Avoid self linking: do not link the article to itself. Use [[square brackets]] instead of {{curly brackets}} when linking to other tags.

Use gender-neutral terms, unless the tag itself is gender-specific.
Prefer them/their pronouns, "a character", or simply reword the sentence instead. For instance:

  • A character of any gender with blue hair.
  • ...between a female character's breasts.
  • ...between her their breasts.
  • When the male/herm/dickgirl puts his/hirs penis in the female/herm/cuntboy's pussy after anal with her/hir. Vaginal penetration done immediately after anal.

Usage of colors is allowed when used to highlight something, such as ratings: Explicit, Questionable, Safe. Do not go overboard with multi-colored text.

Tag lists

Tag lists are added to the end of the article. Use the 'h4'-header for the list headers.

There are three categories for the tag lists, used in the following order:

  • Not to be confused with: For listing the tags that are easily confused with the tag you're editing. Example: riding vs straddling. This section is unnecessary for most tags.
  • Related tags: For listing other tags that commonly appear on the same posts. If the related tag is implicated, it is unnecessary to list it.
  • See also: For listing tags that are in the same tag group, or otherwise indirectly related. Also used for links to tagging guides and tag groups (tag group:themes, etc). Links to the forum should be avoided, because those get quickly outdated.

Listed tags should be in alphabetical order, and written in lower case with the underscores included. Just like they appear on the posts.

Moving/renaming pages

Pages can be moved from one tag or title to another, but only if the source tag/title has zero posts and the target tag/title does not have a wiki page. This is useful for things such as correcting typos or properly disambiguating something (including adding a space between the name and the disambiguation). When editing a wiki page, just click on the title box and enter the name of the tag/title you want to move the page to in lowercase and with underscores in place of spaces. To help with moves to tags, the tag dropdown list will appear when typing; you can click on a tag that appears to quickly change the title to that tag. It is important to note that this feature is restricted to staff, regular users can move the wiki's content (though not it's history) by copying and pasting from the edit page.

If the target page already has a wiki page and the source page is redundant or unneeded, you can request the source page to be deleted. On the source page, click "Report" on the header to file a ticket, enter a reason telling the moderators or admins why the page should be deleted (e.g, "Typo in the title; correct spelling has a page at [[insert_tag_here]]."), and then click the "Submit Complaint" button underneath. A moderator or admin will delete the page when they handle your ticket.

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