Character: pom (suger phox)

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Pom is a character created by the artist suger_phox, a chubby grey texel mouse with blue details and heterocromia, originally introduced as a slim gamer girl, overtime has becoming more fatter and short_stack looking and has been getting a more horny clumsy/milf personality, she can usually be seen lactating or pregnant.

Little lore details:

Pom is the adopted daughter of a wolf couple, so she doesn’t exactly know how to be a mouse, she has two younger brothers (who have been drawn before with her, id:4168013 ) she is really nerdy and loves rpg games, she would have a relative normal adolescence, besides the fact that she prefers to be among predators bigger than her, unfortunately she became accidentally pregnant at the age of 18 and her boyfriend at the time didn’t wanted to take care of their baby, fortunately her parents helped her a lot during her pregnancy and she had her first daughter who she named Ellen, but due she had to pay for baby stuff she started working part time on a coffee shop were she meet who is now her partner, she got married at the age of 22 while being pregnant of triplets; now she is mother of 6 and an adorable wife who is a little bit too horny.

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