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Hello! My name is Aigsaft.
It is pronounced kinda like IKE-SOFT, but slightly different, y'know?

I am an self-taught artist, and I draw for fun on my free time. You are free to like or dislike my content, to share it or to use it or to edit it however you want; you don't need to ask me for permission.

My queue is open, and it has 7 slots available out of 7. check it here to be certain [editor's note]

If you want a commission, PM me first with a brief description of your request, then we will discuss everything further through email. Payments are made upfront!

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2024 2_tails 3_toes 4_fingers 5_fingers absurd_res aigsaft ankle_tuft anthro anus areola battery_life bed biped black_anus black_pussy blue_body blue_eyes blue_fur bodily_fluids canid canine chat comic cum cum_drip cum_from_pussy cum_in_mouth cum_in_pussy cum_inside cum_on_pussy dialogue drinking drinking_cum dripping electronics english_text erection eyelashes fangs feet fellatio female fingerless_(marking) fingerless_gloves_(marking) fingers fluffy foreskin frenulum frenulum_lick fur furniture genital_fluids genitals glans gloves_(marking) grey_body grey_fur hair hand_on_pussy happy happy_sex heart_(marking) heart_symbol heterochromatic_ears heterochromatic_eyes heterochromia hi_res humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis impregnation internal leaking_cum leg_markings leg_tuft looking_at_another looking_at_genitalia looking_at_penis looking_forward looking_pleasured male male/female mammal markings medical_instrument multi_tail navel neck_tuft nipples oral ovum ovum_with_heart penile penis phone pull_out pussy raised_tail red_body red_eyes red_fur retracted_foreskin saliva saliva_drip saliva_on_penis scientific_experiment scientific_instrument scp_foundation sex short_hair signature smile socks_(marking) soul_splice_(aigsaft) tail teeth text toes tongue tongue_on_penis tongue_out tuft tufted_fur vein veiny_penis warning_sign wifi
absurd_res aigsaft anon anthro arm_tuft autumn belly belt biped black_hair blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_eyes blue_jeans blue_pants blue_shirt blue_topwear bottomwear brown_body brown_ear_tips brown_eartips brown_fur brown_hair bus bus_stop bus_stop_sign canid canine clothing cold comforting comic commercial_vehicle denim denim_bottomwear denim_clothing dialogue elbow_tuft embrace english_text exclamation_point eyebrow_through_hair eyebrows eyelashes eyeless eyeless_face facial_markings falling_leaves fence fingerless_(marking) fingerless_gloves_(marking) fox fur girly gloves_(marking) green_clothing green_hoodie green_shirt green_topwear grey_bottomwear grey_clothing grey_jeans grey_pants hair hand_in_pocket hand_on_butt head_markings hi_res hoodie hug human humanoid jeans leaf looking_at_another looking_forward male mammal markings medium_hair mouth_closed muzzle_(marking) neutral_expression open_mouth orange_body orange_fur oversized_clothing oversized_hoodie oversized_topwear pants plant pockets public_transportation question_mark raised_eyebrows shaking shirt shivering short_hair snout snout_markings standing tan_body tan_fur teeth text tongue topwear translucent translucent_hair tree tuft vehicle vehicle_for_hire
1:1 2024 2d_animation 5_fingers aigsaft aigsaft_(character) all_fours anal anal_juice anal_juice_on_penis anal_penetration animated animated_png ankle_tuft anus arm_tuft aroused bent_over big_dom_small_sub black_markings bloom blue_eyes bodily_fluids brown_markings clothing digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dominant duo facial_markings felid feline fingerless_gloves fingers flat_colors forest frame_by_frame fur fur_markings genitals gloves grass hair handwear happy head_markings jungle leg_tuft leopardus looking_at_another loop male male/male mammal markings medium_hair mouth_closed multicolored_body multicolored_fur no_shading ocelot open_mouth out_of_frame outside outside_sex painted_background penetration penile penile_penetration penis penis_in_ass pink_anus pink_nose pink_penis plant raised_tail rock saul_(aigsaft) shaded_background short_playtime shoulder_tuft shrub side_view signature size_difference spiked_penis spikes spikes_(anatomy) striped_markings stripes tail tail_markings tail_motion tree tuft two_tone_body two_tone_fur two_tone_tail white_body white_fur white_hair white_inner_ear white_tail yellow_body yellow_fur yellow_tail
2024 acid aigsaft anthro areola biped black_bottomwear black_claws black_clothing black_pants blue_eyes blue_nipples bottomwear breasts broken_glass chemicals claws clipboard clitoris clothing coat comic cork corrosive cross digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dissolved_clothing dissolving dragon ellen_nielsen_(aigsaft) european_mythology explosion eyebrows eyes_closed female fluffy furniture genitals glass grey_body grey_scales hair hi_res holding_object inner_ear_fluff inside lab_coat laboratory laboratory_flask liquid looking_at_object looking_at_self looking_down medium_breasts medium_hair multicolored_body mythological_creature mythological_scalie mythology navel nipples note pants pockets scales scalie scientific_experiment scientist signature smile solo table tail topwear tuft two_tone_body wardrobe_malfunction western_dragon wet_hair white_body white_ears white_eyebrows white_hair white_inner_ear_fluff white_skin