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Species: human

An animal, and possibly the most messed up one known to science, although not considered a furry. Mostly harmless.

Humans are the current pinnacle of Simian (Ape) evolution. Humans are, in fact, so very awesome that some will have you believe that they are God's final work, and have invented the concept of God to legitimise this awesomeness.

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Figure 1. a typically beautiful female human pictured left; wolf for reference.

Not to be confused with humanoid.

This tag is applicable for characters who appear to be entirely human (e.g., furless skin, no muzzle, no animal ears, genitalia, or tail, etc.). Characters who resemble humans but are clearly non-human should be tagged as humanoid instead.

Transformation sequences are an exception to the above rule. For example, a human in process of changing into a werewolf is tagged as both human and werewolf.

It should be noted that this tag is unique on e621: it is considered to be both a species tag ('Homo sapiens') and a body type tag ('human-shaped').
Also note that new human only posts are usually not allowed on e621 (except as part of a comic, pool, etc that features non-humans), though there are some older 'human only' works that were grandfathered when the new policy was made.

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