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death by snu snu

Tagged for (potential) extreme sexual exhaustion (and possibly crushed hips) for penetrating partners, caused by larger penetrated partners, usually females but not always the case. Because of the origin (see below), this tag is somewhat humorous in nature. The 'death' does not have to be literal.

From Futurama, where Fry goes to the Amazonian world and gets captured. They're giant Amazonians who are sex starved and, well, they're so fucking huge they killed their men by breaking their hips. Thus, death by snoo-snoo. ~SimaMikroyan

It goes back way before Futurama to an earlier missionary / explorer / jungle tribe joke: death by boola-boola (1997), death by bongo [-bongo] (1990), or any number of other terms. The Futurama guys were just referring to that. ~Anomynous

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