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chips (disambiguation)

Chips can mean several things. This tag should be removed and replaced with a more appropriate tag.

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3_legs anthro bottomwear canid canine canis chips_(disambiguation) clothing eating furniture kobi_lacroix male mammal monochrome multi_head multi_leg multi_limb pants shirt sitting snacks sofa solo speech_bubble text topwear wolf
accidentally_gay anthro canid canine chips_(disambiguation) clothing duo fox furniture hair male mammal paws rkt sofa television wavemasters
2020 3_fingers 3_toes <3 <3_eyes absurd_res anthro barefoot beauty_mark big_butt black_nose butt chips_(disambiguation) clothing domestic_cat eating eyelashes fangs felid feline felis female fingers food fur gats hair hi_res holding_food holding_object legs_up looking_at_viewer lying mammal on_back one_eye_closed panties pawpads pink_body pink_fur pink_hair short_stack smile solo sugar_(gats) thick_thighs toes underwear
16:9 2020 4_toes anthro barefoot beverage big_butt blazingcheecks bottomwear butt canid canine chips_(disambiguation) clothed clothing eating fingerless_gloves food footwear fully_clothed ghoul gloves group handwear hi_res human humanoid jacket leather leather_jacket male mammal money mummy muscular muscular_male overweight overweight_male pants pickle running shirt shoes shoplifting smile soda store tattoo toes topwear undead wallet were werecanid werecanine werewolf widescreen