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I haven't done any art so I'm taking my time writing. I'm actually making a new book about a virus that turns humans into anthros, some humans turn into fursonas, some into evil fursonas and others into savage anthropomorphic animals. It's called World War Furry. Probably my first book that won't have my OC as the primary character but as the secondary character. Also some of my friends will be in it as well so I have much to do.

Got the apartment i wanted accepted on the offer i gave just hope the others that viewed it dpont bid higher keep yall updated

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Ok cool! Do you have a telegram or a fur affinity? We could talk monkey stuff there

Autumn~PrimateSky said:
Ok cool! Do you have a telegram or a fur affinity? We could talk monkey stuff there

Hey!! Long time lol, but I have a telegram now. "Monkey Lover". Not sure if you need anything else, but hmu and let's chat!!!

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Fenrick said:
You can live without either one of them though

if we're talking that literally, the only things you 'need' are water, nutrients, sleep, medicine, protection from environmental hazards, …

if we're talking common sense, it's a matter of personal priority
'I need a vehicle so I travel to my job and home each day'

Holy crap! Animal Crossing New Horizons five star island get(Somehow)!

Not sure how long it will last for, but gold watering can make!

You can tell something is up if you find a lily of the valley.

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I actually discovered a bug really early on, with the help of another user on Discord to confirm it. When you fight the gibdo in Sagnol's tomb, if you despawn it (such as by dying) the gibdo never respawns. This locks you out of Sagnol's bracelet, an important item. Ergo, you softlock the save file, since the bracelet is needed to progress and no other way to get it..

Fortunately, the bug is encountered early enough that you can start another save file and try again, but it can reoccur and continue to interfere with your play through. I stopped at this bug as a result, but the romhack creator is aware of this and intends on fixing it (or AFAIK).

I finally figured out how to set a Xbox controller for use in Project64! Now I can actually play these OoT romhacks, since going through The Missing Link on a keyboard was getting difficult.

Has anyone else tried out The Missing Link or The Master of Time? I noticed TMoT's graphic quality is a slightly poor, but are there other things I should be aware of?

Initial scratchings with a kris knife. The undulations seem to aid in slashing and piercing. The forward curves dig into the material and the widest part if the blade is close to the tip so once that's through there's very little resistance.

Kris blades seem to be esoteric due to their rarity and people claim absolute insanity when speculating about the use of the undulations. So I've always wanted to try one myself, if only it was convenient to do more extensive testing.

Don’t wanna be a richer man. I just wanted to be a better man. Time may change me, but I can’t trace time

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kamimatsu said:
sexual release is a want, not a need

kamicro are you sure? The biological (and psychological) effects of the onset of orgasm in regards to brain chemistry is rather significant...

I'm pretty sure the effects of the neurotransmitters in question constitutes a basic need more than a want. Especially if you go for a significant period of time of abstinence. Though everything makes me extremely depressed so what do I really know.

the wall caught fire today. somehow i got blamed for it even though only my irreplaceable sentimental treasures were destroyed