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Yo so if I started selling furry erotica, do y'all think there would be an audience for it? I'm thinking about starting a blog and selling commission based furry erotica, so I figured i'd check with my favorite group of horny furries about the subject.

Sorry if I'm using this system wrong lol



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Kemonophonic said:

marble was not an option what have you done aaaah

CCoyote said:
Vanilla, unless it's really good chocolate that isn't overdone. I'm not a big fan of the uber-sugared, molten lava, quintuple mega-chocolate bombs that are usually all the rage.

Agreed, but I think vanilla can have the opposite problem and be waaay to bland sometimes and then they try to make up for it with too much frosting. I think the flavor should be in the cake, not predominantly the frosting

vex714 said:
Red Velvet

in my book I'm counting that as a chocolate :/

average-pack-a-punch said:

I said cake not cake batter

Knuckles' Chaotix Prototype 1207 hidden time attack menu access

Stage Select
Level 0 (Only 0 works.)
World Entrance

(Hold Start + A to select 0 or 6 levels.)

Pause before landing on the ground and use debug movement to go right. Select NPC, then afterwards the Time Attack Attraction Select menu loads.

Some wrong object layouts load.

Time Attack 3 is seriously glitched.

Somehow KODA has managed to block Big Enough, Darude Sandstorm and even Tunak Tunak Tun here in Denmark, I have no idea what's going on and I feel like I'm slowly losing my mind

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vex714 said:
Not bad I'd say. My issue is the eye twitch they have. The Kemono V tuber, Nanahoshi Suzu, has better animations but could do with a better quality mic and it is only Japanese I believe. So it isn't translated.

Yeah, I noticed the eye twitch as well. So far I've watched a few Gawr Gura streams and I'm currently watching Pikamee playing GTA5. It's a nice change from the Vinesauce videos I usually watch.