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Topic: Find The Artist/Source/Image Request Thread

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draccy said:
Apologies, I've gone through 50+ pages on this site with all manner of categories in search bar to widen/narrow my searching but I can't seem to find a source behind
And since it's an animation, bit harder to use an image search function, it seems.

Help will be much appreciated.

Found with Google Reverse Image Search

I remember seeing an image on Tumblr years ago that featured SSonic2's OC Sheep Mom being seductively fondled by a female wolf. I forgot the name of the artist, but I remember "Sheep Mom" was baaing while getting her breasts touched. Sheep Mom was also drooling while the wolf had her tongue out. Sadly, nobody was able to archive the drawing before the great Tumblr purge of December 2018.

I tried searching for that specific drawing on Twitter, Furaffinty, and Tumbex (a websites dedicated to archiving NSFW/SFW posts from Tumblr made after December 2018). Out of all the drawings that were lost, this is that one drawing that I hope somebody is able to find someday. I think it was drawn sometime between 2017 and 2018. I also forgot the artist's name, but it was found while searching up either "Sheep-Mom", or "Sheep_Mom" on the Tumblr search engine.

This artist had two pictures; one with his character Shou pulling pants down of a mother character; and one with him over her lap getting fingered afterwards.

Does anyone have a link to the pictures? they were on here before and just disappeared but theres no DNP or takedowns with the art (both characters belong to the artist)