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Topic: The story behind your username

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Well first off, I'm just a simple dragon. Nothing really fancy or spectacular about that part.

Secondly, "Kynikos" is the Latin transliteration of the Greek "Κυνικός". The origin of the name for the Cynics of Ancient Greece. (A literal translation of the name is "dog-like")

While mostly this is completely referring to the original Cynicism philosophy: “the purpose of life is to live in virtue, in agreement with nature”; which is how my species as a whole lives by, I'm also a very cynical and pessimistic individual when you consider the modern contemporary definition of the word "cynical".

The repeating letters in "KynikossDragonn" is a obscure reference to a C64 musician by the name of "Ben Daglish", he had to repeat the last letter of his name because "Ben" is too common of a name and was almost always taken on the various BBS's at the time back then in those early days before "the Internet".

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Cuz I'll pok u in the fukin eye

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The name Kilroy is from the saying "Kilroy Was Here". It was like a meme during WW2 where U.S. soldiers would write it anywhere they went as a joke. It got so popular that Hitler thought Kilroy was a spy and sent his own spys to find out who Kilroy was.

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I named myself after a song. Then the fucking "This ain't it, Chief" meme started.
I haven't been the same ever since.

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As Collins Dictionary describes Rhyolite...

"a fine-grained igneous rock consisting of quartz, feldspars, and mica or amphibole. It is the volcanic equivalent of granite."

And that's it.

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couldn't think of a name that wasn't related to my normal online name, so i just referenced my peen -o-

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Reference to a character from Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, who is from a group who would be the sort to all be e621 posters.

All shall see the glory of the Penguin Empire and their magnificent front tails!

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Mine isn't very complicated. My fursona is named Flint, and he is a blion. That is, a bear lion hybrid. I've been thinking about changing him up a bit though, so my username may change.

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It's my main account name, but in english and with simplified pronunciation.

my main accoun name in a pun with my last name that I hear since I was born from other people.

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Cause Havel the Rock is a giant, muscular dude from Dark Souls that likes hitting people

And I'm a giant, muscular dude with dark souls tatts who likes hitting people and making puns; and I'm here to fap


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I just thought that LewdDude22 sounded funny.

Weird, I know.

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You guys haven't heard of a little show called Seinfeld have you?
Oh, and alliteration/trying to make it catchy.

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It’s a derivation from my normal username from non-NSFW webplaces. People who know *know* me would recognise me, but no amount of googling my nick should lead people to places like e6.


I go by "Viktor of the Pen" elsewhere. That doesn't fit in most places however, so VotP it is. I'm infamous for collecting pens, and I also enjoy writing, hence the full name.

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It's just "game over", but translated to japanese "geemu obaa" and back.

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Ooh, cool, a place I get to tell the story! I started with Genki, the name of the Japanese textbook meaning roughly 'things are fine,' but I stopped to think hard at the warning on the create account page, where it said your name can be Googled. I knew I'd be commenting and saving really dirty things here, so I had to think of something really original.

So I mixed the phonemes in a mental blender, just started typing things into jisho-dot-org, and eventually got GenkinDanshou, which means, depending on the kanji chosen to write it, 'cash for a male whore' or 'forbidden literary fragment' which is pretty dope either way. :) I'm quite proud of it!

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Skidamarink a dink a dink,skidamarink a doo.I love you!Impididink a dink a dinkimpididink a dooI love you!

basically skidamarink + impidimp

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Dungeons & Dragons Online, about 10 years ago. One of my characters had gotten a hold of a set of blue dragonscale armor, which had some boosting effects for healing spells, so I rolled a cleric and transferred the armor to him. Squishy, scaley -> Softscale.

I liked the name (which is weird because I'm usually crap at naming things) so I started using it as an internet alias.

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I like neon lights/colours; and an album by the progressive metalcore band ERRA (which is one of my favorite bands) is named NEON.

Quantum Flux is a song by Northlane (which is also a progressive metalcore band) and it's my favorite song by them.

So when I needed a name for something I put Neon and Flux together and I kinda liked it.

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My favorite boss from OOT.

Edit: Also, because i'm very fond of Dragons.

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Jade is my name and well Crush cause I like it lol idk I feel like I’m to blonde to come up with good names sometimes.

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Just a clever pun. I'm legit surprised that it's a name which is still available on most sites 👀

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knot said:
I like potatoes and kiwis.

knot said:
As in Super Gay Manly Man Mario Dude Bro Fist?


knot said:
As in Super Gay Manly Man Mario Dude Bro Fist?

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Iarus is the name of my Fursona. I’ve used this name in most places for years. It came to me in a D&D session where I was playing a Aasimar artificer called Ikarus. I had a shop and all and when we begin session one during the introduction, a DMPC knocked the K off the sign outside, “too edgy.” The name stuck.

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My first sona was a electric dragon, and i think German sounds pretty cool, so wrote lightning dragon on google translate and done 👌

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I forgot if I ever posted here but my first username, Evillord, was based on my username in Runescape way back in 2003-2005ish. My second username, Coffey25, was based on a username that my brother used back in Runescape during the same time frame. My newest username, Droqsle (primarily used for Twitter, as well as Weasyl now that I learned you can change your username on there, though), comes from my last playthrough of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 where I just started naming my monsters after random but somewhat pronounceable names and I named a Tyrantosaurus, a monster I loved way back in my first play through, Droqsle. I liked the name Droqsle that after my playthrough of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, I re-used the name for a random monster near the endgame of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3. I loved the name back then enough to make Droqsle my Twitter handle.

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TransfatAsshat was my old name, I first thought of it when I saw Gruntchovskis art was fond of it. The first part Transfat I thought of his fictional country Transfatylvania, Then I remember him in one of his videos saying "asshat" Then that's when that perfect name came to me. As for my new name, MustardCustard was originally thought of by a poem, A poem by Michael Rosen called "Don't put mustard in the custard".

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I joined during the time when my interest in FNaF was at an all time high. So I decided on the name FoxyBomb. The "Bomb" part is because I was also watching a lot of TomSka, and since he had CakeBomb at one point, I took inspiration.

A name I made up based around the my little pony series and name for a character OC.
Other names I have use one being Cynder Kiryah is another name I use for my usernames, but I got that name by being called by it in dreams that I have had and have been called by that name mostly in dreams I seem to be a dragon in as well as a Pokemon since Moltres has shown up in my dreams quite a few times and called me by that name.
and the only other names I've used is Nightstream(Another name I made up based around the Warriors cats series) or I use names of my favorite Pokemon like Articuno, Ninetales, and Yveltal.

Named after the initial Ice spell from Skies Of Arcadia. I'm really supposed to have a Glaceon avatar to go with that, but I never uploaded the only one I'd find to fit, and this one is nice enough anyway.

Just a generic name so people can't find who I am no matter how hard they try. lol

I like werewolves, and it's a play on Joe Rogan, kind of. Definitely like werewolves more that Joe Rogan.

I've used it on and off since 2006 and think it's a funny term

The german fellas on here will definitely have a chuckle at my username. Long story short my SO gave me that nickname on one less flattering occasion and then i stuck with that because it was very witty and creative.

I probably will butcher the english language by trying to translate the name but it translates roughly to "Filthy Mc Douche" or "Sourish Mc Douche" ...apart from that username i'm a pretty decent guy.

My former username was Timberfox btw. but that Nick is taken already. :/

munkelzahn said:
When I registered on e621, I was going to call myself "Dunkelzahn" ("dark tooth" in German, name of a dragon in the Shadowrun RPG).

But then I thought, "that's not very original". Maybe "Funkelzahn" (glitter tooth) is better. Google gave me hundreds of results for that name, so I needed something else.

Eventually, I came up with "Munkelzahn" (rumor tooth). It doesn't mean anything, but it appeared nowhere on Google.

a few years ago i went through a short fascination with the Latin language. my profile picture for the longest time was a shark in a top hat and monocle, so i ended up making my username "Fancy Fish" cuz i thought its Latin translation sounded cool

"RlctntFr" is "Reluctant Fur" without vowels. I chose it because at the time I had a lot of self-hatred about my interest in furries. I've mostly gotten over that now and I've considered changing my name but I'm extremely bad at coming up with names.

I needed a name for a sock account, and wanted to name it Fecalator after the gun from Dogma, but didn't want people to misinterpret that for a kink interest. So Sh1tzor is my sock account name...

Love all these awesome back stories to your usernames. So here's mine :3

My username is basic and related to my Xbox Live gamer-tag which I've had since I started playing Xbox probably just over or under a Decade ago.

The name for my Xbox Live gamer-tag is related to my IRL name and also some of my physical features such as having red hair.

Lobsters have claws/pincers so they can pinch (your nipples lol XD) you but there is also a type of crustacean that has a high-powered water cannon ability with it's powerful pincers it can create an explosive shock to it's prey to kill them instantly. Just like I can knock peeps on their asses if think they can beat me up just because I look like an easy target.

Also Lobsters are cute in a way and can make really high pitch squeaking noises when they're excited or stressed just like I can. I am able to make said "high pitch squeaking noises" because of my training in trumpet and affinity towards being able to make random cute or cool noises. I also dabble in some beat-boxing through online YouTube video training and am still just a novice at it but good enough to come up with some basic technique beats on the fly.

So now that you know how I came up with my name for Xbox live, you can now see how I am simply using the same cumulative names strategy to create a similar username but for an artist/porn platform. Hence the added "XXX" on the end of "LOBSTER"

Hope you enjoyed my story behind my username and that you all have a good morning/afternoon/evening and goodnight ^-^

Also was a long time user but It's taken me a long time to have the independence, confidence and privacy to make an account which is why it's a new account instead of a decade old account. So now I have access to the features I've been unable to use before. So like, how do I add a profile picture? Please help.

lobsterxxx said:
Also was a long time user but It's taken me a long time to have the independence, confidence and privacy to make an account which is why it's a new account instead of a decade old account. So now I have access to the features I've been unable to use before. So like, how do I add a profile picture? Please help.

On the left side of images here below the tags there's tiny text that says "Set as avatar". Find an image you like and click that to set it. I don't know how to set images hosted outside of e621.

Name of one of my OCs.

Xenomorph looking monstrosity, having more of a Bigger Build.

Was selected as a champion eons ago, unwillingly and unknowingly received the gift of never truly dieing, hates that, is always searching for a way to make sure his current life is his last.

Loves Swords and Armors due to his first life being a King/Knight combo on a planet stuck in the Medieval Era.

I was going to use my usual name, but I wanted something a bit more boding and came up with Swamp Root. I grew up in a swamp so it seemed fitting.

At first, it's only for a unique in-game or user name for me, then it became just a weird concept of a scary-looking "bomb monster" or a "special kind of destructive bomb" (heck, I even drew this thing in MS paint for an avatar)...

... until I've been introduced to the (SFW) world of Pokemon.

I like the animation of how the Poke ball 'pops', then reveal the Pokemon you sent out to battle with, in the games or even in the anime. Thus, the scary-looking destructive bomb became an odd, different name of a Poke ball.

You throw the pocket 'bomb', it kind of 'explodes', and unleashes a cute 'monster'!

Now add a simple binary number of my [REDACTED] because of my fascination in programming! ;)

lucifer656 said:
I was going to use my usual name, but I wanted something a bit more boding and came up with Swamp Root. I grew up in a swamp so it seemed fitting.

That's a bad case of plagiarism here.
Didn't even bother to change their name while copying this.

That person needs to find new, more constructive hobbies during this lockdown...


Well. Let's see.
I've been story boarding a whole bunch of NSFW comics in the hopes of actually drawing them for a good few years now. And it started under the idea to call myself as an artist "Mr. Bon Bon". But over time I ended up turning Mr. Bon Bon into an actual character to be my online persona. The name then shifting to Charles Bon Schnauzer, as the character is supposed to be a giant Schnauzer with the three sizes having a different last name each (Areth for the miniatures, Del Roy for the standards and Bon for the giants). But since I haven't really started posting anything yet, the whole thing seems a bit convoluted.

Mine is supposed to he ASCII for "OMG", except with the beginning 0100 removed. Because...
is 4 characters too long for usernames here.


My username in general has changed... well, a few times, it seems. Going way, way, way back in the Wayback Machine™, my first "username" (on local and non-local BBSes) was "Stray Wolf". This went on for about a couple of years before I (along with several of my friends) came to the realization that while I'm the "Stray Wolf", I'm also mostly up and awake during the night when most others would be asleep, so I changed it to "The Latenight Stray Wolf". Around my high school years, I actually picked up the nickname of "Mouse" in some of my classes because I kept drawing athropomorphic animals during class and most of my classmates just assumed that (probably because I was living in Florida at the time) they were all supposed to be mice (even the ones that had bigger muscles, floppy ears, and bushy tails). So I adapted the moniker "Mouse", which became "Terry Mouse" when I went to AAC 1998 and discovered (much to my dismay) that there was already a "Mouse" in the fandom that was working the AAC staff. That, and it kept my signature making sense. So, yes, I'm the Terry Mouse responsible for the following images:
post #15077
post #15094
That second one actually got me in trouble when it was originally posted on Yerf!. No, I don't really want to talk about it right now. In any case, this lasted until around the year 2008 (or maybe early 2009) when it dawned on me that my job at LabCorp was, well, working me like a dog... BAM! Furry persona change! Once I got home that morning, I got online, logged into Second Life, and went hunting for a new avatar. A canine avatar. Eventually, I found a husky one that I liked, I was just trying to find a fur color that spoke to me. So I started going through the colors: black, gray, brown, red, green... wait, green? That's my favorite color!

Thus, I became "LimeDog", which was my common username for several years... pretty much until 2019, when I decided that, nah, I'm back to being a mouse... but I also went trans. So technically, now I'm Terri Mouse. But I don't feel like changing things here, and I do like my current profile pic, so... meh. There you have it.

Basically, mine from more than 10 years ago, when I wanted a good sounding name. You can hear how it sound with google translate => french (lussilaire)

I just love how L, U and Y sound/look, in general.

(And no, there is nothing about lucifer. I heard it everytime someone ask. :p )

When I was creating a Goddess of Dragons and Chaos, I wanted her name to be borderline unpronounceable. I used it as my username here because my usual online handle was already taken and I was certain Nromrore wouldn't have been.

munkelzahn said:
When I registered on e621, I was going to call myself "Dunkelzahn" ("dark tooth" in German, name of a dragon in the Shadowrun RPG).

But then I thought, "that's not very original". Maybe "Funkelzahn" (glitter tooth) is better. Google gave me hundreds of results for that name, so I needed something else.

Eventually, I came up with "Munkelzahn" (rumor tooth). It doesn't mean anything, but it appeared nowhere on Google.

9 years ago wow. uh i like paws

Zer0DusT, cause im both literally nobody and no one.

Plus no one ever uses it anywjere else, most of the time.

Everytime when i have to make up a nickname i just choose words which fit at least a bit and translate them into the dragon language of skyrim. Does sound funny every time.

When I was but a smol bab in elementary school I always thought that the Dec, Hex, Oct, and Bin buttons were somehow references to shapes, because I had heard of a Decagon, a Hexagon, and an Octagon before. But using that logic, I could figure out what the heck a Binagon was, not understanding at the time that the buttons were actually there to convert from decimal to hex, octal, and binary respectively. Now that I'm older I look back at the situation and laugh at myself, so it's more of an inside joke than anything. Also helps that not many other people would know what it is so it's often an available username when I make web accounts without having to add extra characters to the name.



Don't know if anyone else here is like this, but Mosea is a username I created to be purposely used for anything accosiated with NSFW. I prefer having some kinds of stuff be seperate from my normal username and my real name, or at least used to. I can't remember the exact reason for it now. I still use Mosea in the same way I always have, but I don't think anything bad would ever happen if I switched to using my normal username. Maybe I was just afraid of people looking at my profile and calling me out for some fetishes.

Butter-Fly ( Digimon Adventure ) After an Endless Dream , in this world of nothingness. It seems as if our beloved dreams will....

According to one theory, the song was written to Cheer people Up after economic growth had ended and as the country was entering a recession.( ← Is it against the rules to write this kind of thing? ) People have to walk towards their different dreams, but no one knows which way to go.
Hence, I don't know myself to "Endless_Dream" either. So my wings tend to "stay" and are unreliable.
--> Gloomy_Wing (For now, anyway. If I stop doing "stay", I think I'll change my name.)