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Canada is the second largest country on Earth, comprising most of the northern portion of North America, bordering Greenland to the northeast, and the United States of America to the south and northwest. Canada is a federation divided into ten provinces and three territories. The nation's capital city is Ottawa, and its largest is Toronto, both located in Ontario.

Canada is sometimes called "The Great White North", and Canadians are informally referred to as "Canucks".

This tag is for images depicting Canadian characters, characters wearing clothing related to Canada, the Canadian flag or Canadian symbols, locations or landmarks in Canada, or other images associated with Canada/Canadian culture.

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2020 arm_tuft big_breasts black_body black_fur blue_eyes breasts buckteeth canada canada_day canadian_flag cheek_tuft clothing dialogue ears_back elbow_tufts eyewear facial_tuft female flag fur glasses gradient_background headgear headwear hi_res lagomorph leporid looking_at_viewer mammal max_blackrabbit maxine_blackbunny nude pivoted_ears rabbit scut_tail simple_background smile solo teeth text tiptoes tuft
anthro bent_over blue_eyes blush bottomwear brown_hair butt canada cheetah clothed clothing digitigrade duo felid feline female fur green_eyes hair inner_ear_fluff male male/female mammal nivarra open_mouth open_smile pantherine panties partially_clothed shirt shorts shorts_down simple_background smile snow_leopard spots spotted_body spotted_fur topwear tuft underwear
2020 absurd_res anthro antlers belly big_breasts bikini blue_eyes braided_hair breasts brown_hair camel_toe canada capreoline cervid clothed clothing colored_nails dessert female flag_bikini food hair hi_res horn huge_breasts ice_cream long_hair mammal nails olive_(rawk_manx) reindeer solo swimwear thick_thighs toast-arts topwear
5_fingers <3 accessory anthro antlers areola areola_slip belly big_belly big_breasts blue_eyes bottomwear braided_hair breasts brown_body brown_fur brown_hair brown_nose canada capreoline cervid chest_tuft cleavage clothed clothing cloven_hooves coffeeslice colored_nails crop_top curvy_figure dialogue english_text female fingers fur hair hair_accessory hair_bow hair_ribbon hi_res hooves horn huge_breasts humanoid_hands inner_ear_fluff long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal maple_leaf midriff monotone_hair multicolored_body multicolored_fur nails navel neck_tuft nipple_outline olive_(rawk_manx) open_mouth open_smile outie_navel pants pregnant red_bottomwear red_clothing red_nails red_pants red_topwear reindeer ribbons shirt smile solo sparkles speech_bubble standing tan_body tan_fur text tight_clothing topwear tuft two_tone_body two_tone_fur voluptuous wide_hips