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Dogelore is a subreddit dedicated exclusively to memes about Doge and related dog characters within the so-called "Doge lore" such as Walter, Perro (aka ¿quieres?), Cheems, Swole Doge and others.

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anthro big_breasts breasts brown_hair canid canine canis crossed_legs dogelore domestic_dog eyewear female glasses gulasauce_(artist) hair karen_(dogelore) looking_at_viewer mammal mature_female nude shiba_inu short_hair simple_background solo spitz thick_thighs
2020 4:3 aggressive_retsuko anthro canid canine cheems dogelore female fennec fenneko fox mammal meme sanrio simple_background solo tagme toonarscontent
1:1 absurd_res alpha_channel black_body black_eyeshadow black_fur black_hair blue_eyes canid canine canis cheems dogelore domestic_dog emo_hair emo_haircut eyeshadow facial_piercing feral fur hair hi_res husky makeup male mammal matixcs memes nordic_sled_dog nose_piercing piercing rivey_ravenheart simple_background solo spitz telegram_stickers transparent_background white_body white_fur
1:1 2020 alpha_channel ambiguous_gender angry attack baseball_bat bat_(object) blitzdrachin blue_body blue_fur canid canine canis cheems conditional_dnp digital_media_(artwork) dogelore domestic_cat domestic_dog duo e621 english_text esix felid feline felis feral fur go_to_horny_jail holding_object mammal mascot meme open_mouth quadruped reaction_image simple_background sound_effects teeth text transparent_background yellow_body yellow_eyes yellow_fur