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forced exposure

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Used when one or more characters in the scene are being forced to undress against their will. Often characters are forced to strip in a public setting or in front of other people, though they may also be forced to be naked in isolation.

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! 3:4 accessory ambiguous_gender anthro blush bodily_fluids bottomwear bow_tie breasts camelid clothing disembodied_hand female female/ambiguous footwear forced forced_exposure forced_undressing fur hair hair_accessory hair_bow hair_ribbon hi_res hooved_hands human japanese_text llama mammal princess_connect!_re:dive ribbons rima_(princess_connect!) shoes skirt sweat tears text undressing white_body white_fur white_hair yellow_eyes 仮設ハンガー
2020 abdominal_bulge aliasing assisted_exposure balls_deep blood blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_eyes blue_pants blush bodily_fluids bottomwear breasts brown_hair claws clothed clothed_sex clothing crotch_focus cum cum_drip cum_strand curved_claws deep_penetration deep_throat denim denim_clothing digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) diphallism disembodied_tentacle domination dripping duo eyelashes female female_focus female_on_bottom female_penetrated flat_colors forced forced_exposure foreshortening genital_fluids genitals green_clothing green_shirt green_tentacles green_topwear grey_body grey_skin hair horizontal_diphallism human human_focus human_penetrated jeans knot knotting large_penetration larger_male looking_at_another looking_at_partner looking_forward low-angle_view lying male male/female male_domination male_on_top male_penetrating male_penetrating_female mammal missionary_position monotone_nose monotone_tentacles monster mr_snow multi_genitalia multi_penis neck_bulge no_pupils not_furry_focus on_back on_bottom on_top oral oral_penetration pants partially_clothed penetration penile penile_penetration penile_spines penis penis_in_pussy penis_shaped_bulge pink_body pink_skin pinned pinned_arms precum pussy rape red_tongue restrained rough_sex saliva saliva_string scared scratches sex sharp_claws shirt simple_background size_difference smaller_female smaller_human smaller_on_bottom smaller_penetrated solo_focus spikes stretched_pussy struggling tan_background tan_nose teardrop tears tentacle_in_mouth tentacle_penetration tentacle_rape tentacle_sex tentacles three-quarter_view tight_fit tongue tongue_out topwear torn_bottomwear torn_clothing torn_jeans torn_pants vaginal vaginal_knotting vaginal_penetration white_claws wide_eyed widescreen
2019 5_fingers after_transformation animatics bed bed_covers bed_sheet bedding bedroom black_clothing black_eyes black_legwear black_nose black_socks black_topwear blue_body blush breasts butt clothing comic dialogue digital_media_(artwork) duo eeveelution egg english_text female feral fingers footwear forced forced_exposure forced_undressing furniture hindpaw human inside legwear lying male mammal multi_breast nintendo nipples nude on_bed open_mouth paws pokémon pokémon_(species) pokémon_trainer purple_clothing purple_shirt purple_topwear shaking shirt simple_background socks speech_bubble teeth text tongue tongue_out topwear transformation trembling undressing vaporeon video_games
2020 aliasing armpit_hair assisted_exposure bestiality big_dom_small_sub bigger_on_top blank_stare blood blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_pants blush bodily_fluids body_hair bottomwear breasts brown_hair claws clothed clothing creepy cum cum_drip cum_strand curved_claws denim denim_clothing digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) diphallism domination dripping duo empty_eyes face_lick female female_on_bottom female_on_feral feral feral_domination flat_colors forced forced_exposure forked_tongue gaping_mouth genital_fluids genitals green_clothing green_penis green_shirt green_tongue green_topwear hair hooves horizontal_diphallism human human_on_feral imminent_rape interspecies ive jeans knot larger_feral larger_male larger_on_top licking licking_another licking_partner long_tongue male male/female male_domination male_on_human male_on_top mammal monster mr_snow multi_genitalia multi_penis nightmare_fuel no_sclera on_bottom on_top open_mouth pants partially_clothed penis pink_body pink_skin pinned pinned_arms precum pussy restrained saliva saliva_string scared scratches sharp_claws sharp_teeth shirt simple_background size_difference smaller_female smaller_human smaller_on_bottom soul_devouring_eyes struggling tan_background teeth tentacle_tongue tentacles tongue tongue_out topwear torn_bottomwear torn_clothing torn_jeans torn_pants white_claws wide_eyed